Will DAP pass a motion to expel PAS from Selangor government to follow the lead taken by Amanah?


Selangor Amanah had passed a motion calling on Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali to review PAS’ position in Selangor government. When is DAP going to doing so?

DAP had previously empowered PAS through Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng, urging Chinese voters to vote for them in the last two general elections.

Both father and son are known to be vocal and adamant in taking positions to seek power and popularity. Sadly, their handling of PAS was weak, lost and confusing.

Now after PAS has severed ties with DAP, Selangor leaders can’t seem to decide whether to work with PAS or not.

What they are doing is basically putting on different mask and posturing to different political audience showing a lack of will power and sincerity in expelling PAS in Selangor. Why or why ?

It has been reported and it is clear that Azmin, the PKR deputy president and state Pakatan Harapan chief, has endorsed working with PAS.

There is a clear split within PKR even about this stand. Even Anwar Ibrahim and Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a different take on PAS. While DAP is not making sense in words and actions.

Amanah’s call for Azmin to reconsider PAS’ position in the Selangor administration and PKR MP William Leong’s stand on the matter have been loud and clear. DAP on the contrary had been dead silent on this despite my repeated calls for them to take a position .

PRK’s Zuraida Kamaruddin’s attack on Amanah’s call was seen to be in line with Azmin’s desire to form a state government with the help of PAS. Azmin is posturing to continue with PAS, knowing PAS strength now after the empowerment of PAS by DAP.

Ironically Selangor DAP leaders have been so uncharacteristically quiet about this matter. This is so unlike DAP fire and power leaders.

Where is their stand on Azmin and PKR’s desire to work with PAS? Absolute or near silence? Why is Lim Kit Siang making a stand on all other issues each day but completely ignoring this fundamental issue and principle?

Why haven’t DAP stood up to PKR and say they will leave the opposition if PKR works with PAS? After all they have loudly said that they are not working with PAS anymore.

Why are they not defending or supporting Amanah’s call to reconsider PAS’ position within the state government?

It seems the Selangor government led by Azmin is in more disarray than most think. The power-hungry battle has left the state more divided than it ever was since the Kajang Move.

For Pakatan, it is all about power and not principles. Their principles can changed and enemies became friends overnight vice versa.

Hopefully DAP will make their stand quick before their supporters, mainly the Chinese voters, are lead politically into disarray again.

Ti Lian Ker is MCA publicity spokesman and the chairman of the party’s religious harmony bureau