The Selangor government should first and foremost prioritise a ‘Skim Peduli Air’ before hallucinating on taking over the country


Pakatan Harapan launched its GE14 manifesto hoping that it will impress the rakyat into voting them to Putrajaya.

Hey, listen here the leaders of Pakatan. You have been fooling the people far too long with your skewed promises that ring hollow.

Who cares about your manifesto when there is not a single drop of water from the taps for the majority of Klang Valley residents for nearly a week?

As the ruling party in Selangor, you have failed miserably in handling what should have been a routine maintenance exercise for a water treatment plant, letting it spin out of control into a full-blown crisis.

All is not fine in Selangor, unlike what the people in Pakatan claim.

Yes, there were public announcements made prior to the works being carried out at the Sungai Selangor Phase Three Water Treatment Plant (SSP3), but the disruption was supposed to last till the morning of March 9 (Friday).

The unexpected surge vessel system burst derailed the schedule for restoration of water supply to the affected areas but it only goes to show that the state government under Pakatan had failed in its duty to ensure that there is adequate backup mechanism to address public woes.

This incident of prolonged water cut reflects the true inadequacies of the Selangor state government’s administration to harmonise such large-scale repair works with the water supply company Syabas (Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd).

The consumers affected by the water supply disruption do not need the sympathy or empathy of the Menteri Besar’s office or any of his personal aides.

Schools, hospitals, welfare homes for the elderly, various businesses have all been affected by the water cut that could have been managed in a more professional manner.

The Pakatan government could have made sure that Syabas had sufficient water tankers, manpower and distribution points for water during the prolonged cut.

The economic losses due to the incident leave a very bad taste and impression on the state government that boasts of having the best minds and professionals running the state.

Will Pakatan declare the cumulative financial losses incurred during this past week under its so-called transparent policies?

Will Pakatan now compensate affected businessmen for the losses they suffered due to the water crisis?

Please do not be thick-faced and justify the incident as a one-off and shift the blame to any other party.

Your blame-game will not work all the time. It is ironical and pure nonsense to blame the water crisis on the federal government for your own failure in ensuring that the people of Klang Valley are minimally impacted due to Syabas’ works.

It is acceptable if water disruption occurs due to the weather but this current prolonged cut is just unacceptable.

On one hand the Pakatan coalition goes round right up to Parliament shouting its guts about reducing the cost of living for the people.

But on the other such an incident has only caused the people under their rule to suffer undue, unwarranted expenses which could take a toll on many, especially the lower-income group.

Those affected by the water crisis have to spend more money buying drinking water and food, and to the extent of paying more for fuel to ferry water from the service centres provided by Syabas.

If Pakatan could not even address such a crisis more effectively at a state level, imagine if these very same people who call themselves political leaders took over the country’s administration.

It is frightening to imagine if there is a nationwide crisis tomorrow that may concern the nation’s security or is health related.

Their attitude speaks volumes of what may come if any unforeseen disaster was to strike the nation.

The Pakatan Selangor government has been loud-hailing all sorts of its ”Skim Peduliā€ but the very basic need of its people, that is clean water, has been ”tidak dipeduli”.

One can only view them as hypocrites who are interested to remain in power by giving ”dedak” via their ”Peduli” schemes. And yet they have the audacity to denounce all financial aid given by the federal government to the people.

The Pakatan leadership at the national level has been benchmarking the Selangor and Penang governments to impress the voters that their practices in the two states can be replicated nationally if they took over the government.

But reality is more stark. If it can’t even handle the water crisis in a more holistic and practical manner, how can anyone trust Pakatan to run the nation?

People should think very critically before considering giving a vote to any Pakatan candidate for we do not want the nation to plunge into chaos in the event of any crisis.

Pakatan should first and foremost prioritise a ”Skim Peduli Air” before hallucinating on taking over the country.

They should slap themselves to reality and see the hardship on the ground this past week due to the water issue before launching any unrealistic, ”syok sendiri” manifesto.