BERITA DAILY LETTER. From Mohana Muniandy, via e-mail

It is with sadness and heavy heart, I visited domestic violence victim Komathi Ramachandran at Seremban Hospital on Saturday. Seeing the horrific “parang” attack video that went viral just broke my heart. I just could not fathom why women are still being treated as punching bags.

Wanita MIC is stands against any form of abuse towards women. Violence never solves anything and domestic violence isn’t usually about solving issues and more about overpowering someone. Asserting dominance over spouse is not the way to a happy marriage.

Domestic violence should be treated as national epidemic. The vast majority of those suffering are women and, in my opinion, the reaction to that should be outrage, revulsion and a clamour for change.

We may not come across many reports in newspaper on this but I bet there are many suffering in silence. Fear and love for children would have zipped their mouths. Imagine the suffering that is going on behind closed door.

Violence against another person is against the law. The only reason domestic abusers get away with it is because many victims are reluctant or afraid to report it. We hope the police would take stern action against the perpetrators to teach a lesson to other abusers.

Domestic violence is on the rise every day and we need to stop domestic violence today. Report, don’t suffer in silence, or it may end your life!

The writer is MIC Wanita leader