BERITA DAILY LETTER: From William Leong Jee Keen, via e-mail

The time for Malaysians to choose their future has come. We all want a better life but only a few are having to the good life, while many are worse off than before.

Following subsidy rationalisation, implementation of GST, fiscal austerity policies, rising prices of goods and services, Malaysians are bearing a crushing burden caused by the increasingly high cost of living. Crippling borrowings to meet daily needs and expenses are extracting a heavy toll. Working Malaysians are turning into the “working poor.”

In the desperate attempt to cling onto power they have sought to divide our multiracial and multi-religious society through racial and religious extremism. Our fundamental civil rights and democratic rights have been whittled down or taken away altogether.

We hang our heads in shame because of corruption, scandals and misdeeds. The world is laughing at us because of the failure and betrayal by those responsible for the administration of law, justice and good governance.

To counter these, the forces for change have been garnered under one banner, Pakatan Harapan. We are gathering all our strengths and resources to strike as one. We seek your support. By working together, we can break down the walls holding back our people’s progress and break the chains restraining our political, social and economic freedoms. By standing together we form an ocean wave crashing open the gates for sweeping changes and much needed reforms to be made.

In 2008 a tsunami of change was started. Let us in 2018 finish what we started. Let’s remove those responsible causing needless suffering and misery, hold accountable the corrupt and those who plundered our nation. Let us restore our self-respect, honour and dignity. Let us make one final push to the Better Life.

It is important Pakatan Harapan win each and every one of the parliament constituencies contested to obtain the required majority of 112 to form the federal government. It is also important Pakatan Harapan win the state seats to retain or take over the state governments for a harmonious and coordinated administration.

The time to choose a Better Tomorrow has come.

The writer is the incumbent MP for Selayang
William Leong Jee Keen

10 April 2018