BERITA DAILY LETTER: From Husam Musa, via e-mail

During my short speech with the media last week, I suggested that the Muslim leaders should mediate the potential military dispute between Saudi-led Arab nations with their own brother Muslim state, Qatar.

Loosely, I mentioned that Erdogan, the President of Turkey, hopefully should take that role.

Looking from his speech aired on You Tube, Erdogan understood that this crisis can escalate into a new and bigger disaster for the Gulf Region and beyond, if unhandled properly.

And why should the Muslims fight with the other fellow Muslims? The Spirit of Ramadhan should close their rank and dispute, if any, should be resolved through the spirit of Brotherhood and the teachings of Islam.

Regional stability, peace, harmony and security, based on mutual respect should become the first agenda for the countries concerned.

Saudi Arabia, shouldn’t potray itself as a new regional or world policemen, moreover on behalf of US.

Saudi should lead through the true teaching of Islam instead, if it wants to gain mutual respect from the Muslim Ummah world-wide.

Either Al Malek Salman wants to be regard as a credible Muslim leader of Quranic teaching or distance himself from Muslim Ummah – are in the hand of Khadam Al Haramain – Al Malek Salman.

Let’s pray together that Erdogan is successful in his mission and our Great Leaders of Saudi back to the role as a Muslihin within the Muslim Nation and Ummah.

Husam Musa is vice president of Parti Amanah Negara