Selangor Education Department says the concerned teacher admits his mistake of whacking a student with a shoe

KLANG: A disciplinary school teacher from SMK Tengku Idris Shah in Kapar has been transferred to the district education office (PPD) in Klang after admitting to hitting a Form Two student with a shoe last week.

The school teacher was also told to seek psychological treatment at a nearby hospital to evaluate his mental condition.

This was told by Mohd Zulhilmi Bahtiar Jamili, the deputy director at the Selangor Education Department, to Kapar MP G Manivanan who came to hand over a memorandum about the incident today.

“The victim, 14 -year-old Alex Daniel Thivyanathan was hit with a shoe on his head on June 13 by the school teacher without finding out what really happened.

“Alex was walking down his school corridor around 5.30pm when a group of other students were playing with a shoe on the upper level of the school corridor.

“As he was walking, the shoe fell off the corridor and the students had asked Alex to throw the shoe back to them. This was when the teacher saw the incident and decided to whack Alex on the head without even asking any question,” Manivanan said.

Speaking further, Manivanan said that Alex and the students were later called to the disciplinary room but Alex’s name was not jotted down as the teacher realised he was innocent.

However, upon returning home, Alex told his father about the incident who had gone to the school in an effort to seek explanation.

“When they arrived at the school, the teacher had left but the next day, they came and met the teacher. The teacher admitted that he had made a mistake by hitting Alex on the head five times with the shoe.

“He later told the parents and the headmaster that he could not control his anger during the incident, saying that everything went out of control,” he said.

“After delivering the memo today, we were told that the teacher had been transferred to the PPD to do office work and will not resume his duty as a teacher for the time being.

“The teacher was told to seek help from doctors and to undergo counseling session and the matter is under investigation,” Manivanan added.

Asked if he is satisfied with the swift action, Manivanan said that he was satisfied but wanted to know what sort of action that would be taken against the school teacher.

“The family and I are pleased with the swift action. We appreciate it, however we want to know what sort of action that will be taken.

“I will also be highlighting this issue in the next parliamentary session. This incident can’t be happening in schools. After several bully cases, we can’t afford another incident which involves teachers,” he explained.