Unsatisfied students demand that the college cease operations since it has also insulted them

KLANG: More police reports have been lodged against a private college in Klang today by students claiming that they have been cheated by the institution.

Gathered in front of Kapar MP G Manivanan’s office, the students – some 30 of them – demanded the college to be shut down, and alleged that they were not just cheated but also insulted.

“We are here to hand over the police reports that we have lodged against the college. We decided to lodge the report after we found out that we have been cheated.

“Not just cheated but we were also insulted. They called us names and even called us ‘sampah’ when we went to seek explanation about our allowance.

“We want the college to be shut down because they took our money and lied to us. We are thankful that our MP decided to help us with our cause,” said one of the students who wished to be known as Dewi.

Earlier today, the media was informed that the college staff had wanted to gather in front of Manivanan’s office in an effort to seek explanation from the PKR lawmaker who had held a press conference last week about the alleged cheating committed by the college.

Berita Daily was informed by Special Branch officer attached to the Klang Utara district headquarters that they had summoned the college’s chief executive officer and ordered him not to gather at the lawmaker’s office.

“The man was summoned to the IPD earlier today after we got information that they will gather at the lawmaker’s office.

“He was told not to do so because he had no permit. He was also told if he does so, he will be arrested,” the police officer said.

Last week, Manivanan told the press that some 200 Indian youth on full scholarship from the Socio Economic Development of the Indian Community (Sedic) fund have been allegedly cheated by the college based in Kapar.

He said the college had failed to honour its promise to pay the students a monthly allowance of RM400.

Speaking to the press, one of the students, Puspadewi Natarayan, then said the college had offered them a 100% scholarship from the Sedic, an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department which overseas the economic development of the Indian community, specifically from the Bottom 40 (B40) group.

“We were offered a free course on Kemahiran Elektronik and Kemahiran Solekan. They also told us that we will receive a certificate from the Human Resource Department as well as RM400 monthly.

“After almost five months, I got RM600 out of RM2,000,” she said.

She said all the students under the Sedic scholarship had suffered the same fate.

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