The headmaster of the school is not worthy to run a school and should definitely be sacked, says Wanita MIC chief

KUALA LUMPUR: Wanita MIC wants Prime Minister Najib Razak to denounce a primary school’s policy of segregating drinking cups for Muslim and non-Muslim students.

The wing’s chief M Mohana said the prime minister must make it clear that any offending parties who divulge in such acts should be condemned and face the brunt of the laws of the country.

She also said the government must also review the appointments of school administrators and teachers as there were too many racial cases surfacing.

She said such cases caused unnecessary controversies and embarrassment to the nation, as well as acted as the root of disunity.

“We are baffled why this state of affairs is always happening in our schools – from uttering racial slurs, canteen in toilet/changing room to Muslim and non-Muslim cups now, it is never ending controversies.

“A place where unity and tolerance should be built is misused to create further divide. It’s the first step to create more bigots.

“We are highly disappointed and angry with the school management and teachers for allowing this. The headmaster of this school is not worthy to run a school and should definitely be sacked,” she said in a statement.

Likewise, MIC Youth also slammed the school for its racial policy in segregating drinking cups

MIC Youth chief C Sivaraajh said such a policy created division among the Muslim and non-Muslim students.

“Lately we see schools coming out with nonsensical policies that will further create division among the students,” he said in a statement.

Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Puteri in Hulu Langat has been in the limelight for having cups labelled “murid Islam” (Muslim pupil) and “murid bukan Islam” (non-Muslim pupil) placed next to a water dispenser.

According to reports, the separate cups have been used since last year on the grounds that there were students who were bringing in non-halal food from outside.

The school has 219 Malay pupils and 145 non-Malay pupils.

Deputy Education Minister Chong Sin Woon has said that “national schools are for all Malaysians and should not separate our children based on religion.”

He also said that he will direct the Selangor Education Department to check on the matter.