An Umno delegate points out that Zaid also tends to make statements that rile up the Malays

KUALA LUMPUR: Grassroots Umno members today backed Selangor Ruler, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah who gave DAP member Zaid Ibrahim a royal rebuke.

“The sultan is right. Constitutionally we are required to be loyal to the sultan. Zaid is insolent. The sultan’s rebuke is a gentle reminder,” said Kunak branch youth chief Hamid Harun from Sabah on the sidelines of Umno’s 71st annual general assembly in Putra World Trade Centre today.

Hamid also viewed Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos’s action of burning Zaid’s effigy yesterday in a positive light.

“Jamal’s action in burning effigy gives the right message psychologically,” he said.

Sultan Sharafuddin told Zaid to return to Kelantan if the DAP member disagreed with him.

“I am disappointed with Zaid’s comments on his Twitter on my remarks (about Mahathir) which was reported in The Star. I urge Zaid to read carefully my statement and get the correct facts first before opening his mouth.

“He is staying in Selangor. Go back to Kelantan if you disagree, build a big house and help the people of Kelantan. Don’t earn a living in Selangor,” said the sultan in an exclusive interview with Utusan Malaysia which was published today.

The sultan further said he was disappointed with Zaid’s rude remarks against him,

He also said there was no need for Zaid to educate him on his remarks as he was always clear and careful on that matter.

He added his rebuke to Mahathir was made in his capacity as a ruler and was not politically motivated.

“I am aware that Zaid always issues untruths and inaccurate statements about me, even from before. He is a politician and a former minister, and I understand that he is firmly against the royal institution.

“My advise to him is only one: don’t forget your roots, and don’t destroy the Malay race. I am sure Zaid is aware of what I am saying,” said the sultan.

On Tuesday, Kelantan-born Zaid took on to his Twitter to tell the sultan to be more careful with his words after the ruler again criticised former prime minister Mahathir.

Zaid tweeted “Sultan of Selangor must be careful with his words, no one is immune when country burns”, in apparent reference to what the sultan told The Star in an interview published on Tuesday.

Bukit Belimbing Umno branch chairman Zaidan Sohor also echoed similar sentiments.

“Zaid should understand the way we live in Selangor. The sultan is right. If he can’t do that he should return to Kelantan.”

Zaidan also said that Zaid tend to make statements that angered the Malays.

“Zaid likes to hop parties and airs views that can rile up the Malay community.”