It is absolutely regrettable that Zakir Naik continues to remain in Malaysia despite constant pressure to leave

By R Kengadharan


The Home Ministry can stop people from entering Malaysia and refuse to grant and revoke permanent residency status if they are a threat to national security, public order and not conducive to public good if advocating radicalism and terrorism.

While coming to Malaysia is a privilege, we must never allow one to be a permanent resident in Malaysia if their unacceptable behaviour will seriously disrupt our racial harmony and the rule of law.

It is important for Malaysians and others to understand the multi-racial ethos of Malaysia.

It is absolutely regrettable that Zakir Naik continues to remain in Malaysia despite constant pressure to leave.

He might have been an opponent of terrorism and may have spoken out against acts of violence and violent extremism before, but his many other negative remarks on other religions of late can seriously harm our secular society.

In fact the G25 added that it was concerned about the tolerance Malaysian authorities have shown towards Zakir Naik.

As a nation we have constantly emphatically and unequivocally condemned and rejected militant training and extremist indoctrination that maybe potentially harmful to national security from time to time.

But the previous Barisan Nasional government while may not have liberally and generously encouraged radicalization choose to employ a more tolerant attitude towards Zakir Naik. Why?

However, the present Pakatan Harapan government should construe strictly the definition and expression of national security and any activities that promote or encourage violence or hatred against other races and beliefs, or if such activities are engineered and intended to overthrow or destabilize the government, then such person or individual should be asked to leave with immediate effect.

Such an immediate action is imperative if we desire to protect our country’s existence.

Moreover, Zakir Naik is wanted by the Republic of India and Malaysia is not obliged to harbour. Thus it is now necessary for Malaysia to undertake preventive and precautionary measures and urge the Home Ministry to review and revisit the decision of the BN government on Zakir Naik.

The Home Ministry being the decision making authority must exercise their administrative jurisdiction cautiously or otherwise it could create a state of alarm.

The Home Ministry must take a tough stand against anyone (including Zakir Naik) if he has made denigrating and inflammatory comments on other religious and beliefs.

Note, our effort to integrate the multi-racial society would be shattered it we are selective on enforcement and employ double stands.

R Kengadharan is a lawyer and a former ISA detainee