It will not be easy for Umno to win Selangor back although the likes of former MB and Azwan Ali have joined the bandwagon

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno and Barisan Nasional will have a mountain to climb to reclaim Selangor from Pakatan Harapan in the upcoming general election, political observers opined today.

The likes of former menteris besar Khalid Ibrahim and Muhammad Mohd Taib, and showbiz personality Azwan Ali would have a little impact on denting Pakatan Harapan’s chances, they said.

“No, Selangor is safe. Very difficult for Umno to retake. Most urban voters including the Malays are anti BN,” said Prof James Chin of Tasmania University.

Geostrategist Prof Dr Azmi Hassan added: “I forsee that Khalid Ibrahim, Muhammad Taib, Azwan Ali and the graft bust involving Azmin Ali’s cousin as being very negligible in helping BN regain Selangor,”

“But PAS factor could be significant for BN as in the last two elections, Pakatan won the state because of PAS’ help.

“But all of these could be a positive signal for BN in Selangor,” Azmi added.

Umno and BN have made it public that they are targeting Selangor in the next election. And in the effort to overthrow the PKR-led government, Umno has found an ally in the form of former PKR member and ex-MB Khalid Ibrahim.

Another former MB, Muhammad has also rejoined Umno after quitting PKR.

Azwan, a popular celebrity and the younger brother to Selangor MB and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, yesterday pledged to bring down Azmin.

What is the strategy?

Another observer, Prof Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi when contacted, questioned how far was Selangor Umno ready to take on Pakatan Harapan in the state.

He said that the party must have a clear module on how to reclaim Selangor. and must not only rely on mere rethorics.

“How far are they willing to go and how will it be translated to the grassroots? Of course they are very spirited but it can’t be for just a few days. We do not want publicity and gimmicks.

“How are they going to get it back? Have they got a plan or a module? So far we do not see anything yet. So they must have a strategy,” Awang said.

Awang then added that Selangor BN must be bold to name younger candidates in the state in its effort to woo the youth to vote for the party.

He described that BN must not rely on Azwan or other individuals to win the election.

“They must consider the youth. For example DAP has done a good job in getting the attention of the youth. But not BN. Many youths feel that BN is a party for the old people.

“So they must change it. How to win the youth and they must also not rely on Azwan. He has no credibility and full with controversy,” the Universiti Malaya academic said.

Azmi on the other hand felt that it is critical for BN to nominate its MB candidate as soon as possible.

“It is important for BN to nominate its MB designate since in current scenario the people of Selangor are in the dark as to who from Selangor Umno can become the MB,” he said.