Four states in Malaysia seems to favour public caning according to shariah laws

KUALA LUMPUR: Former law minister turned DAP member Zaid Ibrahim criticised PAS and state religious officials who were pushing for public caning to be implemented under shariah law enactments.

He described the move as the Taliban way of solving social ills in a series of messages on Twitter.

“PAS leaders and pseudo islamists are happy to solve society’s ills by simple prescription; public canning, longer jail sentence.”

“That however is not islamic way but Taliban way. Its becoming a way of life for Malays in this corrupt nation.”

He also said such simplistic measures is the reason why Malays would remain backwards even though they enjoy special privileges.

“Thats why Malays will not progress far like others even if special privileges are carved in gold.”

The criticism is in light of moves by several states keen in pushing for public caning under shariah law.

Kelantan passed amendments to its shariah enactments that enabled public caning to be implemented in the state.

Sabah is reported to have implemented public caning under shariah law thrice.

Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman Osman is reported to have said that the state would follow suit if it was beneficial.

In Kedah, PAS is mulling to include public caning under shariah law as part of its election manifesto in its bid to regain the state.

While these states are keen in implementing public caning, Aceh in Indonesia that practice shariah law is mulling to make caning private due to a drop in investments.