BERITA DAILY LETTER: From YS Chan, via e-mail

Dozens of taxi drivers gathered in front of the old state legislative assembly complex in Kuching on Monday morning to protest against Uber and Grab.

They also submitted a petition to the Chief Minister’s Office at Wisma Bapa to request for the state government to review its policy.

But such matters are under the federal government, and e-hailing service had been legalised following the passing of the Land Public Transport (Amendment) Bill 2017 and the Commercial Vehicles Licencing Board Act (Amendment) Bill 2017 at the Dewan Rakyat last July.

Cabbies are not the only ones affected by disruptive technologies, as many businesses too have been effected.

If Uber and Grab drivers are grabbing the major share of the taxi business, there is no stopping cabbies from joining them, as there is no need to apply and obtain a taxi permit to do so.

Stopping taxi service would only force the public to switch to using Uber and Grab service sooner. And in the not too distant future, autonomous cars would make many Uber, Grab and taxi drivers redundant.