BERITA DAILY LETTER: From Kannan Ramasamy, via WhatsApp

The recent announcement by the new KPPM of MOE Dr Amin Senin had made the SJKT more relevant and the best choice of learning institutions for the Malaysian Indians.

The new approach in the UPSR – now to be known as PPSR – will be an holistic learning mechanisms evaluation and will make the SJKT more relevant and fair to Indians students.

The new PPSR will be based on four components which are students to be assessed locally by teachers of the SJKT schools where personal evaluation will be done by the teachers.

None can deny the fact that only the Indian teachers will be able to assess another Indian student in better understanding with fairness as they have more realistic and holistic touch of their own race.

It will create a fair evaluation unlike other stream of schools in SK or SJKC.

We hope this new approach will be seen positively by the Indian community to make the SJKT as the best choice of learning institution for the community. We should spread this and encourage more to enroll in SJKT in coming years.

Kannan Ramasamy is president of Empowering Tamil Schools Malaysia