A PAS MP and its ulama wing chief say there are no negotiations with these two parties even at the state level

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS leaders have dismissed a news report which claimed that the party allowed its state-level leaders to have talks with PKR and PPBM.

“We did not discuss much on relations with other parties. We are clear about having no relations with DAP and Amanah. The same goes with other Pakatan Harapan component parties,” said Bukit Gantang MP Idris Ahmad.

PKR, PPBM, DAP and Amanah are members of Pakatan Harapan, the successor to Pakatan Rakyat which PAS was once part of.

PAS ulama wing chief Mahfodz Mohamed also echoed similar sentiments on the matter.

“The report is not true,” he said.

Earlier today, The Malaysian Insight reported that state PAS leaders are allowed to have talks with PKR and PPBM in preparation for the 14th general election. It said the decision was made at the party’s retreat in Pangkor Island last week.

At the national level the Islamist party has no ties with Pakatan Harapan members.

PAS first cut ties with DAP and then PKR. PAS also brushed off talks with PPBM and is a sworn enemy of Amanah, a splinter of the Islamist party.

A PKR faction led by deputy president Azmin Ali pursued talks with PAS even after the latter had passed a resolution on not having ties with PKR.

The Pakatan Harapan presidential council recently decided against cooperating with PAS.

PAS was an ally of PKR and DAP in the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat.