Ayob Muhammad, 65, fears that they may not vote for Umno as Felcra has failed to look after the second generation

PAGOH: Several veteran Umno members in Felcra Bukit Kepong have voiced concerns on the dropping support from youth for BN in the Pagoh parliamentary, which it comes under.

One of them, Ayob Muhammad, 65, said the Felcra management has failed to cater to the needs of the second generation there.

He said despite the apparent lukewarm support for incumbent MP Muhyiddin Yassin, who has since formed Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), the youth support for Umno seems to be on the decline.

“To say that Pagoh Umno has been hit by storm (following Muhyiddin forming PPBM), we don’t really see it but it does sound like that.

“The voters are smart now, and we can campaign however we want but they get all the information fast,” he said, adding that 90% of the youth in Felcra live outside the constituency.

Ayob said the common problem faced by the second generation in Felcra is difficulty to own a house for their family.

“If their problems are not solved, I am afraid that they may not vote for Umno,” he said.

Felcra Bukit Kepong lies inside the Bukit Serampang state seat, held by the acting Pagoh Umno division chief Ismail Mohamed.

Another party member, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the Felcra Bukit Kepong Umno branch meeting recently failed to get enough quorum and the organisers were forced “to sign the attendance of those who were not there”.

“They called around and asked members to attend the meeting as the quorum was not filled,” said the man.

Ayob said he also heard the same thing, adding that he was outside the constituency at that time and could not attend the meeting.

Another Umno member, who also wished to remain anonymous, said he could not bear to hear what the youth said about Umno.

“If you talk to the youth, I bet that you also couldn’t stand hearing what they said,” said the man in his 50s.

Meanwhile, Bisman Bahari, 56, said the support for PPBM was not very visible there.

“There is support (for PPBM) but it seems that the support runs on emotion, and I don’t think that it would lead to anything,” said the sundry shop owner.

He said that he remains a staunch Umno supporter as the Malay ruling party could be depended upon to uphold the community.

“Without Umno and Felcra, I wouldn’t be here today.

“It’s normal for leaders to make mistakes here and there but let us not focus on small mistakes and forget the past contributions,” said Bisman without naming anyone.

He said he used to hold former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in high esteem but has lost his respect since the veteran politician collaborated with DAP.

Rauf Daud, in his 50s, also said that PPBM doesn’t seem to have much support inside Felcra schemes.

“It’s not like there are no supporters at all but things don’t seem to escalate much,” he said.

Most of the older generation that Berita Daily talked to also said that they could not accept Muhyiddin siding with the opposition, especially DAP.

Acting Pagoh Umno chief Ismail said the division is 100% ready to face the general election and that the attendance at the 106 Umno branch meetings rose by between 20% and 30%.

The matter was confirmed by Pagoh Umno committee member Mohd Noor Taib during an interview with Berita Daily.