DAP and PKR reminds Ti Lian Ker of talented strikers who missed the goals and got themselves burnt in their frustration in trying too hard to score

They keep saying Dr Mahathir Mohamed is now a “reformist”. He is a “changed man”. He only need two years to change the country. So in two years, we will be back into the era of and continue with Mahathirism?

That is a very traumatic thought.

DAP and PKR nowadays reminds me of a potential talent wasted. They remind me of talented strikers who missed the goals and got themselves burnt in their frustration in trying too hard to score. Both these parties are now a disappointment and a big “turn off” to their fans and supporters.

Thus the emergence of #UndiRosak as a potential third force.

Contrary to many, I believe that #UndiRosak is a very much needed #3rdForce in our potpourri of racial and religious politicking.

Their stance seems to be as such. I love my country. I believe in my country. I want to see my country, Malaysia moving forward on a progressive path of positivity (not negativity), of love for one another (not hating each other) and one of construction (not destruction).

We need to build a national spirit of wanting to see our country moving forward in unison on what is right for the country and not what is correct for politicians or political parties. Thus the need for #UndiRosak this time around towards evolving into a sizeable #3rdForce from the generation of reformists from the “Reformasi” years.

When the “Reformasi” movement gained momentum emphasising on reform across racial and religious lines, I was watching and harbouring an iota of hope that we will move forward into a political threshold that transcends race.

I have never believed in PAS, a party of politicians riding on pseudo-religious rhetoric. My belief in DAP was long broken after watching and observing Lim Kit Siang in action. There is just too much hypocritical theatrics , dramatics and politics in DAP under Lim Kit Siang. This was the initial impression I got upon reading his first “Time Bomb in Malaysia” at a gullible age in the lower secondary.

Oh yes!

Mahathir said that we are not ready for politics that transcends race. His Youth Chief says they will be ready only after 10 years. Mahathir was adamant we cannot do it until now. Unlike Mahathir, Najib did away with the quotas that were a hindrance to economic progress.

Unlike  Mahathir, Prime Minister Najib Razak tried to introduce 1Malaysia towards a united nation of Malaysians first. This is despite his then deputy Muhyiddin Yassin pounding his chest shouting “I am Malay First, Malaysian Second” and Mahathir becoming the patron of PERKASA, the ultra Malay right wing movement that took a cow head and marched it to the State secretariat building gates as a protest against the moving of a Hindu temple.

Thus the newest kid in the block PPBM (formed by Mahathir and Muhyiddin) is a party formed for “Pribumi” only. This is a return to the “Bumiputera Only” policies when Mahathir, his chosen cronies, and his other half Daim quietly acquired wealth, banks and corporations using the Bumiputra quota policies at the expense of positive economic development and growth.

The nation was held back many years because of these Bumiputra policies that benefits a few cronies and families (as confirmed by Anwar Ibrahim in his many speeches). Had Mahathir been genuinely sincere in helping the Bumiputra during his 22 years as prime minister, we could have had race free policies and equal level playing fields today, because the Bumiputras would have been on par with the Chinese , Indians one others.

The Bumiputeras would not need the politicians to hold them by the hands or threaten to take away the crutches (to put it metaphorically) or offering “dedak” by both sides of the political divide today.

If the Bumiputeras are free from these crutches, they could have demanded an accountable and transparent government today because they are brought up with firm Islamic belief of “No Sins” that would also mean “No Corruption”. We don’t need DAP to peddle their CAT in their election campaigns, but when they gained power in Penang, they quickly killed the CAT.

Oh No!

Not Mahathir again. Luckily Abdullah Badawi had put the administration back onto the path of “rule of law” and not “rule by law”. In Najib Razak, we have a leader who understands “ECONOMICS” and allowing “PEMANDU” to transform the country onto a healthy path of growth instead of heading towards “Bankruptcy.” At least he made correct economic decisions even though it may have been unpopular.

Anytime…. I choose Najibnomics over Mahathir’s trauma-tics. Otherwise I will be with #UndiRosak too.

Ti Lian Ker is MCA religious harmony bureau chief and party spokersman