The PM also reminds civil servants to make 2017 a year of delivery

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia can take control of national resilience to face the challenges of an uncertain world by emphasising the strengths of fundamentals, said Najib Razak.

The prime minister said the fundamentals included the capability of the government to implement and deliver to the people all projects, programmes and aid.

Addressing the monthly assembly of the Prime Minister’s Department here today, Najib reminded civil servants to make 2017 a year of delivery and called for greater and better coordination among ministries and departments in the delivery system.

“We are all involved in ensuring that the delivery system is implemented more effectively for the benefit of the ‘rakyat’ (people),” he said.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, said the uncertain external factors Malaysia faced included the global financial market that was difficult to control, the new administration in the United States that could have an effect on the country and the world, and geopolitical risks.

He said civil servants should look at the “year of delivery” from a more comprehensive aspect and to focus on areas of improvement, if necessary.

All ministries and government agencies, he said, should break down their way of working in silo.

“Avoid being too territorial. We must focus of making this year more successful, we must strengthen national resilience,” he added.

Najib said national resilience should not only be in terms of national unity, national harmony and spirit of patriotism, but also on the delivery system and productivity of civil servants.

“We must look at how our outcome improves, as well as productivity, innovation and creativity should be emphasised. Work harder, but output and outcome should be better and more effective,” he said, adding that civil servants should also have a mindset to make fast and accurate decision.

Najib also expressed his appreciation to government departments and agencies for their hardwork in discharging their responsibilities during the floods which hit several states recently.