MyPPP may as well dissolve the party for good rather than argue who is their leader and who is making the decisions


MyPPP has lost all purpose for its existence. The squabble over the party leadership well before the 14th general election was very telling of an organisation that was nothing more than a ”blood-sucking” leech on the back of BN.

MyPPP under the now controversial president (or former sacked president) M Kayveas was practically a one-man show all the while.

Their lack of maturity was very glaring when they had insisted to contest the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat despite knowing that it had always been an MIC seat.

Its not that MIC is better than them, but the manner the demands were being made, people could see that MyPPP was too self-absorbed in themselves that even if they had no chances of winning it, they must have it.

Hardly noticeable to the ordinary rakyat and its actual significance even before GE14, now MyPPP has practically been buried for good.

Whether is remains in BN or not, who bothers for the matter.

BN itself may not be around the way the political landscape is evolving. It is extremely fluid and the public has outright rejected a race-based coalition that ruled with arrogance and intimidation.

MyPPP may as well dissolve the party for good rather than argue who is their leader and who is making the decisions.

Their days of having a jolly-good time while in BN is all over for good. No matter who takes over, be it Kayveas or any other person, it makes no difference to the people.

Enough of parties like MyPPP or other BN-linked parties that have brought no real ground level services which benefitted the rakyat.

Kayveas can make all the call for MyPPP to go ”solo”, but frankly the decision will not lift a feather off the road as the party itself is so hollow and insignificant now.

If Umno can be trounced into a critical state and MIC and MCA can be shown their respective political graveyards by the rakyat, MyPPP might itself jump off the cliff if there is still some self-pride to swallow.

It makes no impact to the man-on-the-street.