BERITA DAILY LETTER: From SP Sivakumar, via e-mail

MIC’s transformation and the ambitious Indian blue print programme hit a snag with the recent violent attack on a Tamil daily, purportedly led by a MIC national leader.

If MIC is seen as a party that is led by several top leaders with thuggish background and gang networks, what much expectations and confidence can one get from such a party to draw up papers and policies that could lead to finding solutions for the largely B40 Indians to progress?

MIC should instead rid the party of all thuggish characters and instill leaders who will confine to act in a principled and disciplined manner, caring for the community and rise up to demands that match equality with its main partner Umno in every field.

Doing more for Indians is not going to change the lives of Indians in the long run but addressing equality will surely have an immediate and permanent impact on lives of all Malaysians.

The agreement in the federal constitution for the creation of a common national identity has yet to be recognised by Umno in full.

SP Sivakumar is the president of Malaysian Indian Commerce Association and Johor Indian Business Association