What puzzles us is that why the Penang state government treats the undersea tunnel project contractor so kind, says Penang MCA secretary Tang Heap Seng

KUALA LUMPUR: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today continued to come under fire over the state’s controversial RM6.3 billion undersea tunnel project.

Penang MCA secretary Tang Heap Seng said that Lim cannot keep evading and shirking responsibility over the project, especially on the land deal involved in the project as well as the exorbitant cost of preparing the feasibility report.

Tang said that it was time for Lim to explain to everyone as to why the state government granted a RM220 million parcel of land to the contractor when the RM355 million priced feasibility report has not been completed and the project has not even started.

“What puzzles us is that why the Penang state government treats the undersea tunnel project contractor so kind. Is there any profit-gaining from this?

“Now that the land has been given out, the feasibility report is nowhere to be seen, and there has been one delay after another.

“Why does the feasibility report need an expenditure of up to RM335 million to complete?,” he asked in a statement.

The MCA man, who is also an engineer, also pointed out that Works Minister Fadillah Yusof had said that the Penang state government had promised to submit the feasibility report in April 2016.

But it later changed its words saying that submission will only be done at the end of 2016, he said.

He added that they then promised to submit it six months after the deadline in March 2017.

“But the Penang state government failed to submit the report even after the six-month period. So when will this feasibility report be ready?”

Tang’s statement comes following a MACC probe into the project which has so far resulted in the arrest of several people, including two people with ‘Datuk’ title from the construction company.

It was reported yesterday that the magistrate’s court has issued a six-day remand order on the two senior executives of Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd for investigation into alleged corruption in the project.

Lim meanwhile has said that everything was above board in the state’s dealing on the project, and that the project will continue as planned.