Ti Lian Ker says the Penang deputy chief minister is doing this to shield the fact that the DAP state government lied on the undersea tunnel project

WHENEVER, DAP lost in a factual arguments, they will resort to racist taunting such as Chinese are now second or third class citizens. So how is DAP going to improve the Chinese welfare when they have rejected the Prime Minister’s (Najib Razak) 1Malaysia concept and instead embraced Mahathir’s (Mohamad) “Pribumi” party or “Bumiputera” policies of yonder?

Has Dr Mahathir Mohammad now promised the Chinese equal rights and no “Malay privileges” as part of Pakatan Harapan promises to the Chinese? Or has DAP signed away Chinese rights similar to their inking away the rights of non-Muslims to testify in court as witnesses when they agreed to allow PAS to implement “Hudud enactments” which disqualify women and non-Muslims as witnesses.

Time and time again, MCA has sniffed out DAP for playing the racist card. For yonks, the Rocket’s pattern of pitting the Chinese against the Chinese, is to pick on MCA and Gerakan for making the Chinese into second class citizens without prescribing a solution or a political undertaking when they worked with PAS and now with arch nemesis Mahathir.

The latest attempt by Penang  DAP Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy to bring in the racial element by equating the Chinese as a “second or third class citizen” is classic DAP race base toxic politics. What have the Chinese got to do with the DAP’s alleged “lying and abuses of power” in a debate on the DAP’s undersea tunnel scandal? This is totally uncalled for from a party that advocates race free politics and promised “zero corruption” under the CAT governance.

MCA has successfully called DAP’s bluffs and exposed their lies and spins. MCA has provided empirical evidence against the DAP Penang government on the Penang undersea tunnel scandal vide the Penang government publication Buletin Mutiara announcements, Penang state legislative replies by Penang Excos, searches with Companies Commission Malaysia and news reports etc. DAP is now caught with their pants down that they choose to divert a factual debate by name calling and now racial taunting.

In particular, MCA has exposed the false portrayal by Buletin Mutiara and DAP Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng that China construction giants China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd (CRCC) was a shareholder when it never was, and that Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) has been “kicked out” (withdrew?) as a shareholder, whilst questioning if the winning tenderer has any track record to boast about considering it was only 82-days old when it was appointed as the special purpose vehicle (SPV).

These are issues of transparency, environment destruction and viability of the project which MCA as any other member of the public want the DAP Penang state administration and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to clarify In accordance with their CAT slogan. These are issues that affect all Penangites and has no racial colour to it.

I am appalled at how the Deputy Chief Minister stoop to this level can turn the calls for the DAP to walk their talk of CAT principles into a racist argument! He should do better than his boss, the Chief Minister in order that he can ascend to be the next DAP Penang Chief Minister. Or has Ramasamy given up all hopes of ever becoming a Chief Minister because he knows that DAP in reality is racist to the core and die die won’t allow Ramasamy to be the Chief Minister?

First among equals in Pakatan Harapan? Lol!

Look at your own backyard, my dear DCM Ramasamy and see that:

1. It was DAP that was about to relegate non-Muslims to be of an inferior class by depriving them of a right to testify ie when its almighty tokong (Lim) Guan Eng inked an agreement with PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang that PAS upon their empowerment by DAP can pursue PAS legal jurisprudence system of a theocratic state of which Non-Muslims will lose their right to testify in court. If this materialises, Malaysians Chinese etc willl be without any constitutional rights and safeguards and we can all thank the Rocket for colluding and singing happily with the Moon. Wouldn’t this be worse off than the “second-and-third class Chinese” which you wrongly accuse MCA of?

2) Is it not your DAP Klang MP Charles Santiago who whips anti-China/Chinese discord by questioning “is Malaysia kowtowing to China pressure” when he blazed Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s explanation that Malaysia has received an official request from China for the extradition of 11 Uighurs who broke out from an immigration centre in southern Thailand and that Malaysia will consider this request based on Mutual Legal Assistance through Interpol whilst the Malaysian police are investigating the 11 escapees for terrorist activities.

3)  Is it not DAP which shudders at contesting in Malay majority constituencies, opting for its assumed traditional safety zones of urban, Chinese-majority seats?

Ti Lian Ker MCA religious harmony bureau chief and party spokesman