Some 20 Kindness Johor volunteers provide free breakfast at three Tamil schools this morning


JOHOR BARU: With many volunteer groups targeting the less fortunate groups during the Ramadan month, a Johor-based NGO has decided to continue with providing meals for schoolchildren from poor families.

Kindness Johor, together with Yayasan Pasir Gudang, is undertaking the ‘School Meal Programme’ to provide breakfast to these unfortunate children in schools in Johor.

The targeted group is schoolchildren who do not have pocket kindness johor1money to buy food during recess time for themselves.

“We will send 50 packs of food to 22 schools once a month in order to provide breakfast to these deprived children who usually don’t bring money to school,” Johor Kindness project coordinator Halifah Halim, 43, told Berita Daily.

“In a month, 1,100 students are the benefactors of this programme that was started in 2015,” she added.

Earlier today, she and some 20 Kindness Johor volunteers went to three different Tamil vernacular schools: the SJKT Masai, SJKT Pasir Gudang and SJKT Permas Jaya, to distribute food packs.

kindness johor2“With the current economy, there are a lot of students who come to school without any pocket money, and those who do, usually bring only about RM1.

“There are some who only bring drinking water to school and have to ask for food from their friends,” she said.

The food pack provided by the NGO costs RM3 each, consisting of bread, biscuits and packet drinks.

Apart from the free breakfast to the schoolchildren, Kindness Johor also prepares between 200 to 300 packs of food for the public. These are usually distributed at common places.

“It is called suspended meal and we distribute them to the publickindness johor3 either on Sundays or Mondays, once every month.”

But doesn’t she feel tired doing all these during the fasting period?

“Not at all, in fact I enjoy doing this,” she said.

Kindness Johor is part of Kindness Malaysia, which is based in Kuala Lumpur.