Thick-skinned as ever, he now wants to make a comeback with hopes that the Malays of today will embrace him and hand Putrajaya to him


Just for a moment and for the sake of argument, we imagine that Pakatan Harapan does take over federal power and that Dr Mahathir Mohamad becomes the prime minister once again with Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as his deputy.

The next question is who will fill his cabinet to administer the country? The obvious logic is that Mahathir will have the final say on who gets what post-election that now he sits on the government throne.

Wan Azizah will have to just dance to his tunes. Mahathir has never listened in his entire duration of premiership to his second man in the government or even in Umno for the matter.

The hope that a second ‘Langkah Kajang’ (Kajang Move 2) will be able to put former convict Anwar Ibrahim in parliament is nothing but a dream architectured to fool the innocent voters that are praying for a change. A change that could improve the lives of ordinary people on the streets and not by enriching more political cronies of the new government.

A Kajang Move 2 in Putrajaya will not be that straightforward as being propagated by Mahathir and team.

One just can’t walk into the King’s court and say ”now Your Majesty must pardon Anwar because we want him to be the prime minister”.

The entire Pakatan Harapan leadership has in essence mocked the Malay royalty when it said that Anwar will be made the prime minister within a year at most after the coalition assumes federal powers.

It is morally and ethically wrong to put that pledge on paper and asking Mahathir, of all the people under the sun, to actually make his promises good when Anwar is released from prison.

Was never a Malay champion

Pakatan Harapan’s strategy is definitely flimsy from the word ‘go’. Mahathir has never been a Malay champion as being projected by the coalition.

The crowds that he pulls these days are nothing more than curious onlookers who are more impressed of his stamina despite his age rather than his political bite on Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Najib Razak.

His only ammunition is to hammer to pulp the very man who he lifted into power in Umno and BN.

Mahathir has been able to convince DAP, PKR and Amanah that his party PPBM will be able to bring in the Umno-Malay votes riding on issues like 1MDB, GST, Felda and Najib per se, but the reality may not be so rosy.

First and foremost, why should the non-opposition Malays of today trust him more than Najib?

Lets not deny that the majority of Malays were downtrodden under Mahathir’s regime. The few elite Malays that made it big were all his cronies who worked as ”middlemen” for the rich Chinese contractors that were aligned to Mahathir.

The poor got poorer, especially in the states of Terengganu, Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak.

He was never interested in enabling the masses, especially the Malays, in terms of economy. Poverty engulfed the Malays for 22 years.

He just wanted their votes and when a community is disabled on many fronts while there is no alternative, they have to accept whatever crumbs thrown at them; and in return he got their votes. Above that he mastered the fine art of gerrymandering to remain in power.

And now that he collaborates with the DAP Chinese, the situation may resurrect. The Malays could be further distant and disengaged economically and politically if DAP commands a significant number of parliament seats after GE14.

Malaysia is a land of abundance. We had first class timber, vast paddy fields, rubber, oil palm, commendable education system, an independent judiciary and some top brains in the society. We led other Asian nations in many aspects.

But when Mahathir took over the reign, like a curse, we plummeted. His dream to industrialise the nation robbed us of our rich agriculture potential. All his mega projects practically have flopped because his cronies were more interested in short term gains.

And yet, thick-skinned as ever, he now wants to make a comeback with hopes that the Malays of today will embrace him and hand Putrajaya to him.

Mahathir does not deserve the second chance for all that he has done. And those backing him today are plainly in for their own selfish benefit.