A poem dedicated to Malaysians

By Raken Marimuthu


Malays, Chinese, Indians and others in Malaysia,

This is your beautiful country, which is truly Asia.

With self-mastery, live together, as sisters and brothers,

Transcending, the human boundaries and frontiers.


Religious fanaticism, has destroyed the world, many a time,

Racial and communal strife, has been the cause, of all cruel crime.

Practice, what your religions have taught you all,

Do not listen to Satan’s evil biding, for your fall.


Other races, are like your vital parts of your frame,

By destroying them, to yourself, you only bring shame.

They are there in this country, as part of God’s design,

Understand His ways, to a life meaningful and divine.


What you sow you reap, what goes around, comes around,

Hatred brings hatred; love brings love, for all around.

Repeatedly history, has shown the fall of all civilization,

Those who rose by the sword, for sure are for damnation.


What is that you brought to this world, when you were born?

What is that you will take from this world, when you are gone?

Nothing; practically nothing; then why are you so senseless?

Your call of your land, your race, your language, is ruthless.


Genghis Khan, empires and races have perished unto the dust,

You too will be gone, when the world is, into darkness thrust.

Live happily moment by moment, by accepting God’s will,

For all human beings are His children, no matter how ill.


Our country, a wonderland, is truly a land, for all mankind,

Overflowing with wealth and honey and bounties of all kind.

A paradise on earth, with races, religions and cultures together,

A gift of God, for all of us to share, and care to be happy forever.


The more you give, the more you get, it’s the law of universe,

Let us find love, peace and harmony, in all that we see as diverse.

When we pray, let us pray that we may live, as a human race,

With all the divinities, bestowed on us, by Almighty God’s grace.