Local girl Chan Quin Er says she is innovative and has the determination to change the DAP-held constituency for the better


KUALA LUMPUR: Thirty one-year-old Chan Quin Er is a confident person. She is upbeat of her chances of defeating incumbent MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok in GE14.

Chan, tipped to be MCA’s candidate for the urban seat which has been renamed as Sri Petaling under the Election Commission’s redelineation exercise, said public service was not new for her.

In fact, she added that her electoral debut would merely be a continuation of her public service but on a new platform.

“I was with the Attorney-General’s Chambers from March 2014 until March 2018, serving the public sector. My goal has not changed. It is still to serve the public. Now it will be more direct to the public,” said Chan, the Seputeh MCA assistant secretary. She has been an MCA member for 11 years.

“It is not a battle of good versus evil. This platform is an opportunity for people who care about the society. I am in for this. It is my calling,” she told Berita Daily in an exclusive interview.

Chan is no stranger to the Seputeh constituency as she grew up in Old Klang Road, namely in Happy Garden and Overseas Union Garden.

Seputeh is a DAP stronghold. Incumbent lawmaker Teresa Kok has held the urban Chinese-majority seat since the 10th general election in 1999. Kok has been named again by DAP to defend the seat.

During the 13th general election in 2013, Kok defeated MCA’s Wong Siaw Ting by a thumping majority of 51,552 votes. Kok polled 61,500 votes to Wong’s 9,948 votes.

DAP has held this seat since it was created in 1986, via Liew Ah Kim until 1999 and then Kok.

As of the last general election, Seputeh had 86,000 voters, of whom over 80% were Chinese.

Symbol of hope

Despite Barisan Nasional’s dismal record in Seputeh (Sri Petaling), Chan is upbeat on her chances in the coming election.

“I am very confident that I stand a good chance of winning this seat. People here are not blind. They welcome changes and we want to look at other ways of bringing about change.

“Why not give me a shot to bring about change as I am also innovative?” she said.

She said she was a symbol of hope and determination for change in the constituency.

“There is a general perception that the seats in Federal Territory are easy wins for the opposition. We can be more sensitive to what people want changed. We should see what else can be done,” she said.

She added that a win for her would also help in boosting women’s participation in politics.

She also spoke about issues that concerned Seputeh voters, which were mainly related to security.

Crime prevention

Crime is always a concern for the Chinese community even though statistics indicated a decline in minor crimes, said Chan, who spent two-and-a-half years in the Volunteer Army Corps, better known as Askar Wataniah.

“There is a need for more police presence on the ground and increased installation of CCTVs,” she added.

Chan is also involved in Sunlight Education Fund, an NGO which is aiding school children in 27 schools.

“Students are shortlisted by the school. We then provide RM500 annually for each student. The parent-teacher association plays the role of the trust and the class teacher is also kept in the loop,” she said.