BERITA DAILY LETTER: From G25, via e-mail

We, members of G25, strongly and wholeheartedly support the recent stand taken by His Royal Highness Sultan Johor on the issue of the Muar launderette.

Rightly so, the Sultan reprimanded the owner for the divisive action in suggesting that only Muslims are allowed to use it. We are extremely glad and relieved that the Sultan has taken the lead in stamping out extremism.

We, in Malaysia, must celebrate diversity in race, culture and religion. These have been the cornerstone of our success as a nation and it is important to stamp out extremism in all its forms. Not to do so would lead us to a path of a failed state which would be a disaster to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Like minded and moderate Muslims must now speak up and be counted. We also urge like-minded politicians to do likewise and openly support the path of moderation as expounded by the prime minister in many of his international speeches. Saying it aloud locally will have a big impact.

G25 hopes that the royal intervention will send a reminder that we all have a responsibility to treat each other with respect for our differences.

The religious institutions in particular should not impose unnecessary restrictions that will affect race relations and national integration.

Muslims want to be an integral part of the social fabric whether they are students, at the work place, or living in multiracial neighbourhoods. We are all Malaysians, whatever our race and religion.

G25 is a group of influential Malays and as a civil society organisation wants to play a constructive role as the voice of moderation on religion.