BERITA DAILY LETTER: From Muhammad Shakir Ameer, via WhatsApp

The recent statement by Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Mansor against churches is irresponsible and unnecessary.

It could cause unnecessary discord, which is counterproductive to nation building. As a Muslim myself, it is very embarrassing to witness a Muslim leader making such horrible and poorly-considered statements.

For many years, churches in Malaysia have been targeted by extremists over unproven, fake allegations – and the latest statement by Ku Nan may just trigger another round of ‘attacks’ on churches and the Christian community.

Malaysians, from all walks of life, should reject irresponsible leaders like Ku Nan for actions such as this, which can be so harmful to our country.

As the Federal Territories Minister, perhaps he should focus more on managing the city’s traffic woes, ensuring its cleanliness, and protecting and preserving Kuala Lumpur’s precious green lungs.

Ku Nan should spend more time listening to the city’s residents – if he did, he wouldn’t be so disconnected from their needs and concerns. This disconnect is apparent in his willingness to issue such callous, careless statements.

Responsible leaders have a role in ensuring harmony and nation-building. Building bridges should be what we do, rather than building walls to keep people apart. And no leader should exploit an issue for political mileage while instigating divisions among us.

At this point of his life and career, I would expect a veteran politician like Ku Nan to bring us together, rather than trying to break us apart just so he can get some media attention.

Let us, as Malaysians, live in harmony and respect one another. Let us know who we are, and not let toxic politicians such as Tengku Adnan fool us into thinking we are somehow enemies.

Let us reject such attempts at division.

Muhammad Shakir Ameer is a MBSA councilor and assistant national publicity secretary of DAP Socialist Youth