Patrons complain that the water is murky and the pool may contain harmful bacteria

KOTA BHARU: Over the past decade, children and adults have been using Kelantan’s only public swimming pool, in Tanjung Chat, but of late the facility has become so dirty that it may be unfit for use.

Parents of children, some as young as three years old, complain that algae and moss have gathered at the bottom of the Olympic-size swimming pool and they fear that this may be harmful to users.

A parent, who pays about RM10 per session to engage a swimming coach for her daughter, is fuming mad as the pool may contain harmful bacteria.

“I have never seen a pool this unkempt and dirty all my life. I have no choice but to send my eight-year-old daughter there as she loves swimming.

“My alternative is to send her to hotel swimming pools, which are much cleaner and safer, but it will cost me a bomb,” said an American expatriate who wanted to known only as Alexis.

Another parent, Nurul Jannah Aqila Christie, said the pool was murky and the toilets and changing rooms were so dirty that her sons refused to bath there.

“They also complained that they had collided with other swimmers as visibility in the pool was close to zero,” said Nurul, whose two sons are taking coaching lessons there.

The 40-year-old sales manager said she is at wit’s end about airing her grouses to the right authorities.

Another parent Hashim Ismail, 57, said he has repeatedly complained to the pool lifeguard but no remedial action has been taken.

The unidentified lifeguard agreed that the pool was murky and did not meet the required cleanliness standards but said he was helpless about the matter.

Hashim said he would bring his complaints “to the top” as his five-year-old granddaughter swims in the pool for an hour twice a week.

The Kelantan Education Department is believed to have jurisdiction over the pool, but attempts by Berita Daily to get its comment have been unsuccessful.