Industrial revolution could not come at a better time as the requirement for such skills can only mean advancements for Malaysia’s development in education and employment environment

KUALA LUMPUR: An Australia-based recruitment agency today said there was definitely a traction in the jobs marketplace for candidates who have automation skills.

Seek Asia Chief Commercial Officer, Martin Hayden said based on the current trend, there was a need for Malaysian companies to take heed in order to sustain their businesses in the long run, more so when the country was looking towards the realisation of its new industrial revolution.

“Recent survey by Goldman Sachs says it all. The interns in Wall Street think learning programming language in Python is more important than how to speak Mandarin. That tells you something about where the future of the marketplace will be heading,” he told Berita Daily.

Also known as Industry 4.0, it covers the integration of robotics and computers in manufacturing, to take advantage of technological and communications advances.

The shift promises pure transparency in daily operations, but with a reduction in human dependency.

“Like computers (last time), people were complaining that the machine will take over our lives, but look at us now. We are capitalising what the computer is benefiting us. Even up until a point that most of us cannot live without computers,” added Hayden.

Meanwhile, a recruitment consultant from Hays Recruitment Malaysia said the revolution could not come at a better time as the requirement for such skills can only mean advancements for the country’s development in education and employment environment.

“Be it programming or data analytics, we can see traction from companies who reach out to us to hunt for candidates that have those skills,” the recruiter said.

“It will affect the employment environment but towards a better nation. In fact it will raise the standard of the employment and education in Malaysia. Let the machine do what machine does. Minimise mistake that would otherwise be done by a human. Isn’t that a good thing? Your company will be more productive,” he said.

Recently homegrown IT training provider, KnowledgeCom Corporation Sdn Bhd said Malaysia was bordering on the danger of becoming a struggling economy if industries were not ready for the revolution.

It’s Chief Executive Officer ST Rubaneswaran said most of the Malaysian industries were still in the labour-based Industry 2.0 and would need to skip a level to get to 4.0.

Although Malaysia has undertaken measures towards moving into the technology, Rubaneswaran said more efforts were needed as the nation’s biggest challenge still lay in the lack of supply of technologically trained workers.

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