The Umno man also says that DAP plans to field five Malay candidates in Selangor to win more state seats

KUALA LUMPUR: There is a clandestine ‘operation’ set up by DAP and Amanah in Selangor to oust Azmin Ali as the menteri besar, Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos alleged today.

Jamal, quoting internal Pakatan Harapan sources, told Berita Daily that Azmin knew about the secret pact between the two political parties and has retaliated by slamming Amanah publicly last Friday.

“From my sources in Pakatan Harapan I was told that there is a clandestine ‘operation’ set up by Amanah and DAP to kick out Azmin as the menteri besar. DAP and Amanah are not happy with Azmin.

“However, Azmin had already known about their plan and thus he reacted angrily last Friday when he slammed Amanah as dishonest,” Jamal said.

Jamal continued by explaining that DAP has been dissatisfied with Azmin’s leadership due to the lack of projects given to the party, adding that Azmin had always prioritised his own cronies.

“DAP is not happy with Azmin because he does not give any projects to DAP but instead he gives away projects to PKR member and his cronies.

“DAP knows about Azmin’s corruption and that is why they do not want Azmin as the MB after the election,” he alleged.

DAP to fill five Malay candidates in Selangor

The red shirts leader then revealed that DAP had already planned to field five Malay candidates from the party to contest in Selangor as a way for the party to win more state seats, and possibly having a chance of taking over the MB post.

“I know for a fact that DAP is having a strategy to contest more seats in Selangor. They want to contest more seats than PKR, Amanah and PPBM.

“They are also going to name five Malay candidates in the state. Whichever party that wins the most seats will become the menteri besar. DAP knows this and they have been planning to win more seats in Selangor,” Jamal said.

Meanwhile, Amanah communications director Khalid Samad, when contacted, said that there has been no discussion about replacing Azmin as the menteri besar as Selangor Pakatan Harapan was focusing in winning the election.

However, he noted that Azmin could not be pleasing everyone, adding that some may agree and some may disagree with the PKR deputy president.

“Our aim is to be prepared for the election and to win Selangor. Whoever becomes the MB, we will have to discuss about it later. Things have changed in Selangor. There is no more PAS and PPBM is a new party.

“It is normal that one may like you and the other might not like you. But we are not at the level of discussing to replace anyone. There is no such thing,” Khalid said

Only a misunderstanding

Yesterday, Khalid also said that the dispute between PKR and Amanah in Selangor was just a misunderstanding.

Explaining the matter, the Shah Alam MP clarified that what was said by Azmin to reporters about the Selangor seat allocation meeting was different from what was mentioned by Selangor Amanah state chief Izham Hashim.

“This was a misunderstanding. The meeting that was mentioned by Izham was about the meeting involving ‘Jawatankuasa Rundingan Kerusi’ and what was said by Azmin was on the meeting to discuss about ‘Jawatankuasa Pilihanraya Negeri Selangor’.

“These are two different things. The ‘Jawantankuasa Pilihanraya Negeri Selangor’ is more to logistics while the other committee is specific to discuss about seats allocation,” he said.

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