BERITA DAILY LETTER: From Azlina Harun, via e-mail

First Tian Chua rants about Indian votes being irrelevant in KL after delineation which is absurd when almost seven seats in KL has more than 10% Indian votes.

The creation of the super Malay seats and super Chinese seats as claimed by him in reality puts the Indians in a more important role as the kingmaker.

Now we have the PKR prodigy Rafizi Ramli claiming Dr Mahathir Mohamad will not cause the Malay tsunami.

I seriously wonder what kind of role Invoke is playing with their so called research. It is obvious that it is PKR funded and reaches out to their own objectives rather than one that Pakatan advocates.

Rafizi claims that non-Malays are not comfortable with Mahathir but I beg to differ. During the reformasi period in 1999 (GE10), the Malay votes were split and those who backed Mahathir to win the election with 2/3 majority were the non-Malays.

Then in 2004 (GE11), the opposition was whipped with PKR only having won only one parliamentary seat.

Then in 2008 (GE12), Hindraf representing the minority Indians became the major catalyst with major swing of the Indian, Chinese and Malay votes that broke the 2/3 majority BN controlled in the parliament.

Now in GE14, just before the election bells start ringing, PKR bigwigs are throwing a spanner into the wheels by claiming that Indian votes are irrelevant and Mahathir would not cause the Malay tsunami.

It is an open secret that amongst the opposition pact, PKR is the one with the most divisions as we see the existence of three different factions –  being the Anwar, Azmin and Rafizi camps. Not only that they can’t even sort out their own affairs but appear to disrupt and dismantle the cohesion of Pakatan.

Mahathir has been making headway into over 50 parliamentary seats in Felda settlements which are currently held by Umno. No Malay leaders in PKR including Anwar were not able to penetrate into these areas.

Hindraf with its strong foothold in the semi-rural and rural areas has made tremendous progress in convincing the Indians to support Pakatan, again without the ability of the PKR Indian leaders to penetrate such areas.

I fail to see the red herring role of PKR bigwigs in coming out with such unsubstantiated statements.

PKR’s continuing inhouse struggles should stay inhouse unless there is some other agenda PKR is running to disrupt the progression by Mahathir in swinging the Malay semi-rural and rural votes.

I am not affiliated with any parties but merely making this observation based on the conduct and behaviour of PKR leadership.