BERITA DAILY LETTER: From P Waythamoorthy, via e-mail

Indians should not be swayed by recent statement by MIC leaders and BN lackeys that Indians should not trust Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as he was the cause of the marginalisation of Malaysian Indians.

The people should understand that all these leaders were part of the government during Mahathir’s 22 year tenure. They could have voiced out then rather than now.

Even our current PM Najib was a minister under Mahathir and had served as the MB of Pahang. There is no record of Najib having spoken for the Indian community or making any contribution to Indians when he was serving under Mahathir.

The fact is all these people feel threatened with Mahathir making a comeback. Mahathir himself has openly said he is making a comeback as the country is in a dire state. Prices of goods have shot up, fuel prices up, GST and mismanagement of the country’s economy have caused hardship to the ordinary people of Malaysia.

The Indians should give Mahathir a chance. He has said he would rectify past mistakes. At 93 years old Mahathir would not cause injustice to the Indians.

I have personally spoken to him many times. I have brought the issue of 800,000 displaced estate workers who were given raw deal when they were kicked out of the estate. I have brought the lack of job opportunities, educational opportunities and the marginalisation of Indians in the economic development of the country as well as the stateless Indians and he has assured me that those issues would be addressed.

Hindraf urges Indians to unite under a formidable pact led by Mahathir. Anwar Ibrahim, Mohammad Sabu, Lim Kit Siang and many others who were in prison for various political reasons but have all forgiven Mahathir for the sake of saving Malaysia.

Indians too should back Mahathir as there is no choice. Otherwise they will forever be short changed with various so called blueprints which is nothing more than Najib’s “vetti pechu” (empty talk).

Hindraf urges the Indians to attend the heart to heart talk of Mahathir who has asked to meet the ordinary working class Indians and Hindraf has provided an opportunity for people to come and listen to him personally.

He will explain his role and what transpired during his tenure as PM. One should not blame him without knowing the facts from him so give him a chance.

P Waythamoorthy is the chairman of Hindraf