BERITA DAILY LETTER: From R Ganesan, via e-mail

“We can assure Malaysian Indians that Hindraf has a proven record of representing the Indians on crucial issues of socio-economic development of former estate workers and those from the lower-income B40 group” – Waythamoorthy.

I searched high and low browsing through Google searches for hours and I have yet to find a single record of Hindraf ever solving a crucial Indian issue.

Even the claim of billions of ringgit to the British monarch for the so-called atrocities they caused Malaysian Indians did not come through. Even their most important demand of establishing an Indian unit within the government has not been included in the recent Pakatan Harapan manifesto.

Pakatan pundits have been solely depending on emotional appeal to win over votes, while completely discounting fact based arguments. This is called yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a US term for a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines.

Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal mongering or sensationalism. One such mockery is by Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy. He emerges again right at the onset of GE14 to do what he does best.

As Mr. Thayaparam articulates this phenomenon amongst the Pakatan pundits and henchmen alike here, it’s absolutely crucial to dissect any plans being laid out by the government. At the same time, Pakatan should propose an alternative. This is expected of Pakatan as they have been on forefront the past 10 years.

Hindraf today seems nothing more than a joke. From being pro-Opposition to shaking hands with Barisan Nasional, Hindraf has gone around the Ferris wheel multiple times.

Just like DAP, after years of attacks on Dr Mahathir, Hindraf reconciles with the former dictator they called a racist. In fact, Hindraf themselves publicly alleged that Mahathir destroyed the future of the Indian community during his tenure.

Now, they want to work with him to supposedly save the Indians. They met, kissed and made up for their past troubled relationship.

Nevertheless, anything is possible with Waythamoorthy on board. A person who can turn his back on his own family, is capable of doing anything. Overnight he might crack a deal with BN and the whole scenario changes.

In the last GE, Waythamoorthy admitted that failure to find a common ground with the opposition led to them joining BN. But then, they failed to share the ground with BN as well.

Waythamoorthy should understand that when you have the same problem with everyone, YOU are the problem.

Hindraf was formed in 2007 on the basis of Hindu religious rights being trampled by BN. Now, if you look at religious grievances of Indians, it has been on a decline in BN-ruled states and on a shocking increase in Pakatan states.

This is another proof of transformation being carried out since 2009, with over RM55 million allocated for refurbishment of temples and transforming temples into community centres by the BN government.

From the governing coalition, Umno leads representation of the Malays while from the opposition coalition, PPBM are the pretenders. As for the Chinese, at one corner of the turnbuckle is MCA while the other end is DAP.

Unfortunately, it is murky for the Indians. DAP’s Prof P Ramasamy is delusional that he is the de facto leader of the Indian community. Hindraf thinks they are the top dogs. MIRA NewGen party also has dreams of leading the community. If this is not a circus, then I wonder what is.