BERITA DAILY LETTER: From YS Chan, via e-mail

On May 9, I went to bed early as usual while my wife sat glued to the television. I got up at 2am to drink water and she told me that we have won.

Upon checking GE14 results that are still coming in, Pakatan Harapan was leading and likely to win. I was overjoyed!

I congratulate all the leaders and supporters of Pakatan Harapan, and PAS too, for their success, including those who have lost, as they too could be appointed to serve the people.

But most of all, I salute my fellow Malaysians for their courage in wanting to make a change, which could be better or worse.

We have sent a clear message that we will not tolerate corruption and injustice by the government of the day, and those who lead the country cannot ride roughshod over the rakyat, treating us as fools to be taken for a ride.

Barisan Nasional component parties could prove its sincerity by continuing to serve our country and people by playing a strong opposition to provide the necessary checks and balances and would be voted back to power if the new regime continued with the same excesses.

To my fellow Malaysians, thank you! You make me feel much prouder to be a Malaysian.

We have shown the world that we are much more intelligent than what the Barisan Nasional government think we are, as we have not be taken in election promises.