BERITA DAILY LETTER: From VS Mogan, via e-mail

The Penang flood calamity has certainly taught us some valuable and significant lessons. One obvious scenario is where politicians from opposing camps join hands to overcome the catastrophe for the sake of rakyat.

Kudos to the politicians from the federal government and state government who have lived up to the notion that ‘they are the servants of the rakyat’.

Even though Penang is ruled by the opposition, Prime Minister Najib Razak and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had assumed responsibility to act at once to ensure people of Penang are safe and sound.

They know very well that Penang is their responsibility thus gave orders to the relevant agencies to gear up and get down to the ground to save the Penangites from this adversity. The care and concern shown by prime minister and DPM is cogent evidence that they have put humanity above politics.

The BN leadership has portrayed model statesmen quality. PM and DPM are certainly bold and courageous. The announcement of RM1 billion by PM to fund 13 flood mitigation projects in Penang further asserts the commitment and conviction of PM’s leadership.

Across Malaysia, men and women got together putting aside race and religion differences with a single aim in mind, to help put Penang back to order. The compassion of a bilal who accommodated non Muslims in a surau is certainly commendable and he has proven himself to be the true believer of god.

As a true Muslim, his action clearly proved the point that religion always professes humanity above race, creed and colour. Even our PM has acknowledged the bilal and praised him for his adequate action and poise.

The generosity of Johor royalty pledging the prize money won by JDT (Johor Darul Takzim) football team which lifted the Malaysia Cup last week to the Penang flood relief fund certainly worth the praise. The philanthropic Johor royalty and Johoreans have reflected the spirit of true Malaysians.

This also serves as a good lesson to any state government as to not indulge in rapid development especially at hilly area, without proper study carried out. The development projects need to be scrutinized and obtain the approval from all relevant departments before it gets a go ahead signal.

Adherence to the weather warning signal from the meteorology department is vital as it could be a great opportunity to reduce the risk of damage to property and people.

Let’s not politicise this flood fiasco but the care and attention given by the ruling government cannot be ruled out totally. The true spirit and compassion towards fellow Malaysians of the leaders are clearly reflected from this flood scenario.

Hereon it is hoped that the rakyat will understand better the care, compassion, struggle and sacrifices of the ruling government, which prioritise humanity and rakyat’s well being above all.

VS Mogan is MIC information chief