BERITA DAILY LETTER: From P Waythamoorthy, via e-mail

Maria Chin Abdullah has been in the forefront to ensure fair election through her involvement in Berish 2.0 for a considerable time.

There is no doubt that she has contributed to enhance the check and balance for fair election with all her struggles against the odds like Hindraf.

Similarily, Wan Saiful Wan Jan on a non partisan and libertarian manner endured to advocate fair and just policies beyond race and religion based on liberty and justice in our multicultural society while in Ideas to reflect a true Malaysian concept.

We at Hindraf believe that both Maria Chin and Wan Saiful will be assets and contribute in an effective manner as public stakeholders if they are elected as their representatives to protect the interest of the future generation of Malaysians by ensuring democracy and fair play is advanced to enhance the welfare of the nation and its subjects.

P Waythamoorthy is the chairman of Hindraf