The former Umno man says his tweets were meant as a good advice for the monarchy and had no ill intention

KUALA LUMPUR: Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim, who landed himself in hot soup for his remarks against the Sultan of Selangor, today said that his tweets were good advice to the monarchy.

“My tweets are good advice in this election year; that constitutional monarchs remain true to the constitution and not take sides in matters of politics and administration. This is not kurang ajar or a slur,” he told Berita Daily.

Yesterday, Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos said he was prepared to die for the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, following Zaid’s criticism against the ruler.

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief told reporters that his group was ready to take matters into their own hands if the authorities fail to act against Zaid, who is now with DAP.

“I was born in Selangor and today many of us here are from Selangor. We are deeply upset with Zaid Ibrahim’s remark. It was very rude and insolent.

“The sultan is our symbol, symbol of Malay supremacy and Islam. A guy like Zaid, who is a former minister, should know better,” Jamal said after lodging a police report against Zaid.

On Tuesday, Zaid told the sultan to be more careful with his words after the ruler again criticised former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The sultan was condemning Mahathir for the “Bugis are pirates” remark he made at a rally last month.

Zaid tweeted “Sultan of Selangor must be careful with his words, no one is immune when country burns”, in apparent reference to what the sultan told a newspaper in an interview published on the same day.

Asked to described Jamal’s action and intimidation, Zaid briefly said that Umno has nothing better to offer except bashing opponents.

Zaid then added that “God protects good men”.

The sultan has also reacted to Zaid’s remarks, saying that he was disappointed, and told the Kelantan-born Zaid to leave Selangor if he was not happy with the ruler’s criticism of Mahathir.

“I am disappointed with Zaid’s comments on his Twitter on my remarks (about Mahathir) which was reported in The Star. I urge Zaid to read carefully my statement and get the correct facts first before opening his mouth.

“He is staying in Selangor. Go back to Kelantan if you disagree, build a big house and help the people of Kelantan. Don’t earn a living in Selangor,” said the sultan in an exclusive interview with Utusan Malaysia which was published today.

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