This is based on the list of Pakatan Harapan seats which became public earlier this week

KUALA LUMPUR: BN component Gerakan will have to fight it out with DAP in the next general election as both parties aim to bank on mixed seats in urban/semi rural areas.

Gerakan currently has two parliament seats, one which it retained in the last general election, Simpang Renggam, and the other via a by-election in Teluk Intan.

In the 13th general election it contested in 11 parliament seats, and this time around it looks like the party will contest in 12 federal seats in Peninsular Malaysia.

Apart from contesting in the same seats it had contested in 2013, the new seat is likely to be Batu Kawan in Penang. In the last GE, a BN direct candidate contested in this seat and was defeated by DAP.

Out of these 12 seats, Gerakan may face DAP in 10 parliament constituencies, equivalent to 83% of Gerakan seats.

This is based on the list of Pakatan Harapan seats which has become public earlier this week.

The seats that would likely see Gerakan going head on against the DAP are as follows: Jelutong, Tanjong, Bukit Bendera and Batu Kawan in Penang; Teluk Intan, Beruas, Taiping (Perak); Puchong (Selangor); and Kepong and Segambut in Kuala Lumpur

Gerakan has recently joined hands with MCA in the attempt to derail DAP, especially in Penang.

Apart from DAP, Gerakan will also face Pakatan’s PKR in Batu, and PPBM in Simpang Renggam.