The Mahathir-Mukhriz factor compounded with a weak Umno/BN machinery can lead to a change in the state government, say political analysts


KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Harapan has a huge chance of winning in Kedah in GE14 as there is indication of a tsunami among the Kedahans, political observers opined.

Universiti Malaya academic Prof Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi recalled Barisan Nasional’s victory in 2013, stating that it was Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Mukhriz Mahathir’s factor that helped BN reclaim the state from PAS.

Now according to Awang Azman, it is the opposite as both the former Umno leaders are now opposition members.

“We must not forget the factor that helped BN in the last election was Mahathir and Mukhriz. Now both of them are the factors that can lead Pakatan Harapan into victory,” Awang Azman said.

Speaking further, Awang Azman branded the huge turnout in Langkawi over the weekend during Pakatan’s event as a sign of gratitude from Kedahans towards Mahathir who had developed the state when he was the prime minister.

“The turnout showed that they now support Mahathir and the opposition as well as a voice to show that they are now with the opposition.

“It was also a way to say thank you to Mahathir who had helped Kedah. BN will feel the impact. If in GE13, M&M (Mahathir and Mukhriz) helped BN, now M&M will help Pakatan Harapan to win in Kedah,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ilham Centre executive director Hisommudin Bakar said that there was a clear sign of change in the state as the number of audiences keep increasing at each ceramah.

“I have observed Pakatan Harapan’s event from Pasir Gudang, Muar, Temerloh, Felda Bukit Tangga and Langkawi. What I have witnessed is that the number is increasing and has been increasing more after the dissolution of parliament.

“This is a new scenario. Before this when we asked the audience, they were still not sure about their choices. However now after the dissolution, many have expressed their support for opposition.

“They can now accept what Mahathir is doing and this is not a good sign for BN. Chances for Pakatan is huge. The welcome was not ordinary but extraordinary.

“In central Kedah and Southern Kedah, Pakatan can win big. Only four parliament areas of Baling, Sik, Bandar Baru Kulim and Padang Terap are hard to penetrate.

“The wave is now clear and opposition can win in Kedah,” he explained.

Kedah Umno is weak

Hisommudin then said that the other factor that may cause BN’s defeat in Kedah was the weakness of Umno in the state to counter Pakatan’s campaign.

Hisommudin said that the caretaker state government did nothing to handle the damage control.

“Umno and BN are weak in Kedah. They could not defend or tackle the wave . The caretaker government is weak and there is no damage control being done.

“This is a sign that they will lose in the state,” he added.

Pendang parliamentarian candidate Wan Saiful Wan Jan, from PPBM, when contacted expressed confidence that the opposition can defeat BN.

Stating the huge turnout as a new phenomena, the former Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) chief executive officer said that unlike before, the wind of change was once again happening in Kedah.

“The support we received was overwhelming. This is a new phenomena and it is clear there is a storm coming and a wind of change.

“Umno tried to deny this and Najib Razak even said there will be no Malay tsunami but he is acknowledging that there will be a tsunami.

“The signs are clear and the people of Kedah are mature enough. They voted for BN when they felt PAS was not good and they will do it again this time,” he said.

PAS ruled Kedah after the 2008 general election but failed to win again in 2013.

Many described that it was due to the weakness of the late menteri besar, Azizan Abdul Razak.