The public has been urged to show greater interest in tackling the problem of decreasing water resources

JOHOR BARU: The problem of decreasing water resources must be tackled before it reaches crisis level. It’s a problem that affects both developing and developed nations.

To make matters worse for Malaysia, we have been reported to consume a higher percentage of water compared to countries like Singapore, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

On its part, the Johor government has been holding the Johor Water Forum since 2015 to provide a platform for water industry professionals and experts to address the issue of water resources and its impact on the livelihood of Johoreans.

This year, the Johor Water Forum will get to hear the experiences of countries like Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan in managing their water resources.

“(We will have) Singapore’s Minister for Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli. Secondly, we will also have Jasa Titra’s Prof Raymond Valiant Ruritan from Indonesia.

“Prof Mooyoung Han from South Korea will be discussing the success story of rainwater harvesting in Star City, South Korea,” Johor Works, Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman Hasni Mohammad said in a promotional video.

Dr Kotaro Takemura of Johor Water Forum itself will be touching on the potential of underground water in the state.

The forum will be held on Oct 2 and 3.

“I hope that everyone can follow the forum through our Facebook livestream which would enable us to share our views and opinions for the better future of water supply in the state,” Hasni added.

The public can access the livestream forum at