The victim of this campaign is Permatang Pauh BN coordinator Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said but there will surely be more in the coming days


While the campaign period for GE14 will only kick off after nomination date on April 28, candidates and even potential candidates are already hitting the ground to show their faces to the voters.

Many activities have been organised, from giving away free kangkung to ministers selling chicken at discount prices.

For Permatang Pauh BN coordinator Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said, he was planning to give away 5,000 free eyeglasses at an event on April 15 at SK Permatang Tok Kandu.

However, that programme has since been hijacked by fake news peddlers in the social media.

Since yesterday, Mohd Zaidi’s original social media poster for his programme has been cleverly replaced with an event to give away 5,000 bras.

Mohd Zaidi has been reported as saying that the fake poster first appeared on Facebook, and later, was shared via WhatsApp.

The poster also has the words “jom pi periksa dada, dapat terus sarung dada” (Let’s get your breasts checked, and then get free bras) with a man wearing a BN shirt and the name of one “Dato’ Sri Hj Ustaz Amran bin Nordin” beside it.

The original poster showed Mohd Zaidi as well as his name together with an offer for 5,000 free eyeglasses.

The wording of the original poster was “jom pi periksa mata, dapat terus cermin mata” (Let’s get our eyes checked, and then get free spectacles).

The original white spectacles icon was replaced by a white bra in the doctored poster instead.

“My team found about 60 postings of this fake poster and it has been shared numerous times since this afternoon,” Mohd Zaidi was quoted as telling Malay Mail.

It is obvious that the fake poster had been photoshopped from the original poster of the event on April 15 at SK Permatang Tok Kandu.

Mohd Zaidi also said that he did not know Ustaz Amran, adding that there was no such person in Umno.

He is expected to lodge a police report over the fake “free bra” poster at the Central Seberang Perai district police headquarters in Bandar Perda today – most probably being the first fake news case under the Anti Fake News Law which was gazetted yesterday.

The fake poster which was viralled in the social media also came with a short video clip of women fighting over free bras.

It has now become apparent that this video was taken from a cheap bra sale in a market last year.

With polling day getting closer, voters will surely be bombarded with more such fake message in the social media – all done with the intention of either embarrassing a person or to sabotage a candidate’s campaign.

It’s all about winning in politics for these fake news peddlers and it’s best voters remain wise over attempts to defraud them.

Lesson here is this, never fall for freebies offered by politicians in return for your vote.