Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie also suggests a double jeopardy law for Malaysians convicted of sex offences overseas

KUALA LUMPUR: Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie has called for laws to be enacted to make it impossible for sex offenders to be too near children even after they have served time behind bars.

“The women’s wing of MCA recommends that legislation be enacted to disallow any sex offender from being in the same enclosed premises with underage children, and to maintain a specified minimum distance away from minor girls and boys in public, after their release from prison.

“These laws should also provide for a restraining order whereby the convicted sex deviant must maintain a minimum distance away from the victims,” said Heng in a statement.

Heng, who is also national unity and integration advisor in the Prime Minister’s Department, said exceptions to the proposed law could be made if needed.

“Exceptions may be made only in circumstances where the sex offender is accompanied by an appointed officer from the authorities be it from the police, parole board, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development or Social Welfare Department.

“Where necessary, convicted sex fiends should be made to wear a tracking device to monitor their movements,” she said.

She said this in view of the release of convicted serial rapist S Selva Kumar, who would be deported to Malaysia soon after serving his sentence in Canada.

In view of the impending arrival of Selva Kumar, Heng also called for the tabling of a double jeopardy law to keep the former convict behind bars.

The 56-year-old Selva Kumar, who served a 24-year prison term, is also known as ‘Canada’s worst rapist’.

“Wanita MCA repeats our call that Malaysia must enact double jeopardy laws for sex offenders in particular if they are paedophiles, i.e. although they have served time behind bars abroad for offences committed overseas, they must face similar charges and conviction on home soil,” she said.

“Such practices are already enforced in Australia, the United Kingdom, America, etc. Otherwise, how else could charges be slapped on the reported worst-known paedophile Richard Huckle for child sex abuse-related crimes committed in Malaysia of which British courts convicted and incarcerated him with 22 life-sentences?

“Wanita MCA is gravely concerned that Selva Kumar may end up as another Richard Huckle roaming and lurking on our streets in search of fresh underage prey, in particular, among the illiterate and destitute, and may use his wealth to cajole his way out of liability, especially, since to the penniless, especially urban poor, staving off hunger is a priority.”

Heng also echoed calls for a sex offenders registry that were made by the opposition in the last parliament sitting. Amendments to the Child Act in July last year allow for a registry of convicted paedophiles.