The 1MDB scandal will just get ignored at the end of the day like a husband does with his wife’s continuous nagging


Will Malaysia witness a change of the federal government after the next general election?

While the opposition front, Pakatan Harapan, is confident that this time around the people will vote Barisan Nasional (BN) out of Putrajaya, BN on the contrary believes that it can regain a two-thirds majority in parliament.

The fight will be tough as the political contours have seen drastic changes since the last general election in 2013.

One important factor is that the opposition’s key driver and motivator, Anwar Ibrahim, is in jail for a sodomy conviction. Since his jailing, the opposition has not been able to get grip of a firm footing.

Compounded with the divorce from PAS, which is now BN friendly, the new Pakatan Harapan under the leadership of Dr Mahathir Mohamad still lacks the momentum to make groundbreaking waves among the voters.

Mahathir has too much baggage that just would not go away by him or other Pakatan leaders downplaying the ghost of the past or apologising for it.

Mahathir was a terrifying nightmare to all Malaysians when he was in power and to ignore that for political expediency is as good as sucking up to a rotten egg. And that’s exactly what Pakatan has done.

Pakatan could have done well if it had the two cents worth of brains in strengthening PKR and Amanah on their own knees to woo the Malay voters since PAS left, rather than rely on Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) in doing so.

History speaks louder. Umno splinter parties have never been successful in the past to rattle Umno. All flopped miserably after the initial years of being ‘gung-ho’. The same fate will befall PPBM.

Pakatan is hallucinating if it thinks that its unsparing criticism of Prime Minister Najib Razak will gyrate Malay voters toward the opposition.

Umno members are practically immune to such allegations of their leaders or themselves, no thanks to Mahathir’s era that had made them such.

They are more concerned if indeed DAP Chinese will be the ‘rulers’ behind a Pakatan government.

Mahathir can’t even get his house in order within the PPBM camp, and expecting him at this juncture of his political career to lead Pakatan to a win is as good as asking a nonagenarian do a full marathon within time.

Is Pakatan blind to see that Mahathir has a personal score to settle with Najib? This is one man who will never be happy with anybody that stands in his way.

It is not about Umno per se or the Malay agenda. Neither is it about defending the rights of Malaysians or empowering them further.

The sole agenda of Mahathir is to get rid of Najib, for the Umno president has inadvertently or otherwise dented Mahathir’s image and the grand old man just cannot swallow that.

The 1MDB scandal is being milked to the hilt by Mahathir and his fellow opposition leaders; but don’t they realise that playing the same old record will eventually nauseate the audience? It just gets ignored at the end of the day like a husband does with his wife’s continuous nagging.

Mahathir has always been a racist and if one were to believe he has changed his ways, you must be kidding yourself.

Now that he is an outcast of sorts among Umno members and BN, he suddenly becomes ‘rakyat friendly’ and will fight for equal rights for the non-Malays too.

Come on. Who is Mahathir fooling? He had been more Malay than a Malay when he was in Umno and that character will not change.

The man who nurtured the culture of corruption, cronyism and making the Malays economically disabled, except for his loyal ‘servants’, today shamelessly vilifies a sitting PM just to feed his own ego.

Yes, in a democracy one has the right to call for change of the federal government. But when the call comes from a former dictator, it just does not seem morally and ethically correct.

And Pakatan has made the biggest blunder by making Mahathir its face in fighting BN/Umno – a choice that will not draw any more Malay votes than what it had in GE13.

On the contrary, Pakatan may even lose significant Chinese and Indian votes for its association with Mahathir, and not to forget those Malays who voted for PAS in GE13.

Mahathir should have been left on his own with other former Umno elites to fight his battles against Najib.

Pakatan goes round town hailing the need for the youth to register and vote in the next GE but its political manoeuvrings show little or none in empowering a younger leader to take the lead baton.

Mahathir has always boasted that he had two-thirds majority in parliament and had handed the worst defeats to the opposition during his reign. Correct.

And this time around, he will again give that majority to BN by defeating Pakatan from within for the opposition alliance has been such a fool to make him its leader.