BERITA DAILY LETTER: From Muniandy Ponnusamy, via e-mail

Hindraf reiterates the need for all parties to be level headed in the larger interest of defeating BN.

Hindraf on its part would commit to still assist in the 31 parliamentary and 59 state seats lost by Pakatan marginally.

The latest statement by Charles Santiago, a two-term MP for Klang, has proven he is not only arrogant but a blatant liar with ulterior motive out to sabotage the possible collaboration between Hindraf-Pakatan Harapan.

He should be man enough to take up our challenge to go on a referendum at any 20 estates picked at random to prove the strength of Hindraf and whether the underclass wants Hindraf to represent them.

We are with the grassroots almost every day throughout the country addressing their issues unlike Charles and “his class of elites” who think they could lord over the underclass Indians just like the colonial period.

We say it again – Charles if you are man enough, take up our challenge, otherwise shut up and don’t sabotage the last hope of Pakatan Harapan to capture Putrajaya with the assistance of Hindraf and all relevant forces.

At no time did Hindraf ever say that “only an Indian-based party can look after the welfare of Indians”.

This is a blatant lie calculated to cause hatred and contempt of Malaysians against Hindraf. It is a fact in this country, due to the racial divide at all levels, churned by the Umno-led government, the people are divided along racial lines.

PPBM was accepted in Pakatan partner as Malay-based party. No one saw that as a racial party. Amanah is a moderate Muslim party and there was no issue with it. So why pick on Hindraf which has the mandate of the underclass Indians nationwide?

The underclass community is comfortable with Hindraf, not with elites like Charles who have the least understanding of their predicament nor an individual who has ever raised serious socio economic issues affecting the 800,000 displaced estate workers.

Charles, your arrogance, stupidity and blatant lie clearly shows you are not a man out to ensure Pakatan captures Putrajaya. It shows your ulterior motive to sabotage the last hope this country would ever have to march to Putrajaya.

Charles Santiago’s response to my statement two days ago has in fact been an uncivilised response by personal attack against our chairman P Waythamoorthy who has instructed his solicitors to issue Charles with an option of apology and retraction failure of which, Waythamoorthy will be filing a defamatory suit in the next three weeks.

Muniandy Ponnusamy is Hindraf secretary