BERITA DAILY LETTER: From A Chandrakumanan, via e-mail

After the Barisan Nasional won 133 parliamentary seats at the 13th general election to continue to rule the country, there was an outcry by the Opposition and accusations that BN cheated by using 40,000 phantom Bangladesh voters were circulated in social media.

At the same time, Malaysia’s FBM KLCI surged to an all-time high of 1,826 the very next Monday after election results were announced. On top of a record surge, the value of ringgit advanced to the highest since being pegged against the US dollar in 1997.

This is a clear indicator that those with expert knowledge and privy to national policies have a greater belief in the administrative abilities of the Barisan Nasional government compared to that of the Opposition coalition.

The Opposition rather foolishly refers to the number of popularity votes that it received during the last general election to argue that it commands the belief of the people. However, what this popularity really shows is the lack of proper governance skill or economic policies on the part of the coalition and this is what those in the know of economic matters such as investors comprehend very well.

A mere glance at the manifesto tabled by the Opposition is enough for one to understand that the manifesto was drawn without proper vision or solid policies. It was certainly a manifesto that was drawn up to hoodwink the people with it’s populist centric but economically not feasible promises such as abolishing GST.

Even World Bank Malaysia Country Manager Faris Hadad-Zervos echoed the same when he explained how the Malaysia’s economy would likely face long-term negative effects if the GST was abolished, as the move involved a huge loss of income to the country’s coffers.

What baffles everyone with an ounce of knowledge in economic matters is the fact that why would any government introduce policies that could reduce a country’s source of income and that too by abolishing a tax system which is in practice in almost 194 countries in the world today.

Compare the win at all cost mentality of the Opposition with the prime minister and his government introducing various policies for the betterment of its people and the country. Who do we need to save the country from?

In 2016, the prime minister told student representatives of Parlimen Mahasiswa that he faced huge dilemmas in his decisions particularly on GST as it was an unpopular move with the people. However, he had to make the decision to implement it as with dropping crude oil prices, the move would benefit the economy.

This is what true leadership and proper governance is.

Enacting a populist centric manifesto is not a big deal. It may entice the ignorant public but at the end of the day, are those promises in the Opposition’s manifesto feasible enough to be executed is something that is left to be seen.

The rakyat ought to remember that this is not the first time the Opposition is promising the stars and the moon in their manifesto in order to hoodwink the rakyat.

During GE 13, the Opposition promised in it’s manifesto that it would abolish toll and offer free education. Fast forward to today, they are yet to implement any of those policies in either Penang or Selangor which is under their administration.

To be fair to them, Selangor did implement their free water policy. However today the Selangor state government now faces a civil suit from Syabas for unpaid bills amounting to billions!

This is an example of how detrimental populist policies can be to one’s life. The financial experts surely know better hence why they are backing a Barisan Nasional victory.

The inability of the Opposition to fulfill their promises should serve as a warning to everyone especially the Indian community. In the 70s, we had a percentage of 17 working in the government sectors. After the 22 year old tenure of Dr Mahathir the figure is about 4% only now.

The reason why this happened is because since Mahathir took over as PM from 1981 till 2003 there was a lot of privatisation that took place. Telekom and TNB were privatised which made a lot of Indians to lose their jobs and intake of Indians into government sectors dropped.

This is why the intake of the Indians gradually diminished to the level it is now.

Back in 2008, the Opposition rode on the Hindraf wave to secure unprecedented victory at the ballot box.

Other than installing a dummy Deputy Chief Minister in Penang, what else did the Opposition do to enhance the Indian community?

They promised to save Kampung Buah Pala but failed to keep their word. After they assumed power, as we know, Kampung Buah Pala was demolished much to the despair of villagers.

The Opposition harped on the demolishment of a temple in Kampung Jawa to demonise MIC. And today, the Kuil Sri Mahamariaman Seafield is facing demolition threats under their administration despite various pleas by the Indian community to the Selangor government to reverse the decision.

Under Najib Razak, we can see Indians being promoted to various top positions such as state police chiefs and Customs Director.

Not only that, PM Najib has also contributed almost 1 billion to upgrade the infrastructure of Tamil schools and also allocated almost 2,200 matriculation seats exclusively for Indians.

Above all, in his speech recently, Najib promised that his government will maintain its university racial quota system.

This is a good news for the Indian community as the policy will enable more Indian Malaysians to further their studies at local public institutes of higher learning compared to meritocracy advocated by the Opposition coalition.

Most importantly, the PM has a blueprint for the Indian community and going by his record of fulfilling his promise, plenty is in store the Indian community in the near future. What does the Opposition have other than more empty promises?

In essence, not only Indians but all Malaysians should reject the self serving policies of those selfish politicians from the Opposition.

It is the country’s future at stake here. It would be foolish to hand the fate of the country to a bunch of individual who are clueless as to what it takes to run a country properly with a personal hidden agenda.

Remember, other than sodomy accusations , Mahathir wrote in his book that the reason why he had a fall out with Anwar was because of their differences in economic matters.

Today, they are in the same side. But till now, neither Mahathir nor Anwar have come forward to clarify if those differences have been resolved.

Their personal differences is of no concern to anyone but when two top leaders who aspire to be prime minister have difference in crucial matters such as economic policies, the rakyat should be concern as it would crush the country and project a bleak future for the country.

I mean, does anyone seriously want to go through the events of 1998 all over again?

If there is a need to save Malaysia, it is true. We need to save our country from Mahathir only.

Go out and vote for BN on the 9th of May!

A Chandrakumanan is PAR Malaysia President