The backbone of the ruling BN seems to be paranoid, bordering on childishness after it dedicates a wall-of-shame at the ongoing Umno general assembly

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno’s effort to dedicate a wall of shame at the ongoing 71st Umno general assembly with caricatures making fun of opposition leaders is a childish effort by the largest political party in the country, DAP said today.

Party deputy secretary general Teresa Kok said the wall of shame only showed Umno’s paranoia against those who go against the ruling party.

She said Malaysians can clearly see that DAP has never bothered to run down anyone from Umno at any conventions it organised.

“It is the first time that Malaysians see Umno indulging in such irresponsible act. That really shows how much a threat the cooperation of the four opposition parties together is, to Umno,” she told journalists at an event here.

Earlier, Kok was among the attendees in support of DAPSY, the socialist youth wing of DAP, in handing over its memorandum of solidarity for both Universiti Malaya’s Chinese Language Society (PBCUM) and Muslim Students Association (PMIUM) against their suspension to hold any activities for the 2017/2018 semester.

Kok, who is Seputeh MP, said it does not make sense for Umno to paint that kind of caricatures as this shows that BN was merely running out of ideas so much so that it had to resort to old tactics.

“That is why Umno-BN, they kept highlighting “DAP-led opposition” phrase. They keep highlighting Lim Kit Siang and put the DAP leader’s picture as the biggest in their caricatures,” she said.

It was reported that the opposition parties had a dedicated wall of shame at Umno’s 71st annual general meeting in Putra World Trade Centre this year, through a series of caricatures.

The exhibition boards consist of 20 caricatures and anti-opposition images that criticise coalition Pakatan Harapan.

There is also a six-minute long, loop of videos denouncing the pact as being led by the Chinese-majority DAP.

Dubbed the “DAP-led Opposition”, the exhibit put together by Umno’s information department has garnered much attention from visitors and delegates.

“I think any right-thinking Malaysians will see through this. Lim Kit Siang has never been given the chance to rule in government. Not even in state government at all. And he is not even in the presidential council in Pakatan Harapan. So this does not make sense?” Kok added.

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