Despite the shortage of manpower, police officers are still patrolling the area in an effort to curb crime, says a police source

KUALA LUMPUR: The police are doing their very best to prevent crime in Kota Kemuning although they are short-handed, a policeman attached to the Shah Alam district police headquarters said today.

The police officer speaking on the condition of anonymity said that the police are not taking matters lightly and are still patrolling the area despite having to cover huge localities in the district.

“The police are not taking the matter lightly and we know that the area in Kota Kemuning has frequent cases that is why there are patrol units in the area although the numbers are small.

“We still do our patrols because it is one the ways to prevent crime. To say that we do not care or not taking it seriously is not very fair to us,” the police source said.

Asked on the residents petition for a police station to be built in the area, the police officer said that he would support such idea but stated that the approval does not come directly from the district level adding that it is also subject to budget allocation form the government.

“I supported the idea and I agree with it. Of course it will give us more manpower and the facilities that we need to curb crime.

“But at the district level, it is not us who can give the green light. I believe this matter has been brought to Bukit Aman’s attention and I believe the top officials are looking into it.

“However, if there is budget allocated I think there will be no problem, but if there is no budget from the government, what else can we say,” the source added.

Yesterday, former Kota Kemuning residents association chairperson Mohd Radhi Cheah Abdullah said that there are only less than 10 police officers deployed to safeguard 30,000 population in the area.

Radhi added that crime cases happened regularly forcing the public to hire personal security guards from private security firms.

“I have been living here since 1999 and there has been no improvement in terms of security for the public who are the tax payers,” said Mohd Radhi.

“We have been meeting the cops many times and our suggestion to have a police station here are still with Bukit Aman. Even the district police chief have been replaced several times but our situation remains the same.

“In this area, there are so many cases of robberies and snatch thefts. It happens almost daily and to stop house break-ins, we have to hire private security firm to safeguard our residential areas,” he told Berita Daily.

Radhi said that the residents have previously lodged numerous police reports but had given up hope in the police force after their complains fell on deaf ears.

“We have been lodging countless police reports and the excuses given to us are that they are short of budget to build a police station even though a land has been allocated.

“Some officers told us that the situation was pretty normal and the crime index was low. Of course the crime index is low as we no longer go and lodge police reports because there is no use in doing so.

“Having a lower statistic does not mean that the crime rate is reduced. The police must realise that in reality the crime rate is still high. As a matter of fact, we are living in fear,” Radhi explained.

On Sunday morning, a pharmacy was robbed after a group of unknown individuals broke into the store leaving with RM1,400 in cash. Several other premises were also broken into at the same time.

The owner, Narinder Pal Singh, said that the incident was not the first time as it had occurred before.

Narinder added that one of the reasons that a police station was yet to be built was due to the area being ruled by a Pakatan Harapan representative.

“Crime in this area is very high and there have been so many robbery cases including my pharmacy being robbed more than once.

“There are not enough police personnel in this area to cover the whole population,” Narinder said.