Nasrudin Hasan also claims that half of babies born out of wedlock is due to adultery

KUALA LUMPUR: Nasrudin Hasan (Temerloh-PAS) wants the government to impose a clampdown on prostitution and adultery which he deemed as sin industries as the failure to do so will incur the wrath of God.

“There are too much of entertainment with pornographic films. To some they feel full nudity is vulgar and to some exposing aurat (intimate parts that must be covered in Islam) is vulgar,” he said in his debate speech thanking the royal address.

“There are too much of free mixing among the youth along with the couple culture and religious education is at the minimum.”

Worsening is the societal insensitivity towards the rising cases of babies born out of wedlock, Nasrudin said.

“From the year 2013 to 2015, 159,725 babies were born. Of this number, 40 to 50% are due to adultery.

“In 2015 alone there were 3980 cases involving 15 to 19 year olds. This is equivalent to 28.8% cases out of 13831 cases.”

He also criticised sex education which is viewed as a tool to resolve the issue.

“Some say sex education promoted safe sex to prevent pregnancy. It can prevent pregnancy, not adultery.”

He also said that Allah told mankind to keep away from adultery.

“I hope people will avoid aiding adultery and prostitution. Allah have said to mankind to stay away from adultery.

“Any situation and action that leads to it should be avoided.”