This would be followed with physiotherapy in Cheras for 4 months

KUALA LUMPUR: Former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is currently warded at Hospital Kuala Lumpur for a fortnight after a successful laparoscopic surgery on Sunday.

“He is being warded for a period of two weeks in HKL before he is moved back to Sungai Buloh Prison.  He would then undergo rehabilitation and physiotherapy in a centre in Cheras for four months,” said PKR information chief Fahmi Fadzil on the latest regarding the PKR de facto leader.

Anwar underwent a successful laparoscopic surgery to his right shoulder on Sunday.  The surgery was necessary after an accident on Sept 22 worsened Anwar’s shoulder condition.

Anwar was travelling from HKL to the Sungai Buloh prison when a prison escort vehicle rammed into the vehicle he was in.

“The surgery was conducted successfully. He has been in constant pain as he no longer takes painkillers daily,” Fahmi added on the surgery.

Fahmi also pointed out that the treatment for Anwar’s shoulder was delayed though Anwar’s family had requested for it since last year.

The injury on Anwar’s shoulder was further aggravated by the accident two months ago.

“The family had requested for a three month stay for Anwar in HKL as the physiotherapists are nearby but the request was turned down,” Fahmi added.

He also told Berita Daily of the family’s concern on Anwar’s treatment.

“There is a fear that there would be a lapse in physiotherapy that may result in him not regaining the use of his shoulder.”

Anwar is currently serving a five year prison sentence for sodomy.